What are Empty Calories?

What are Empty CaloriesIt is a curious question whose answer is what everybody wants to get. So, here the answer- Foods that are low in calories are known as “empty calories”. Also, you can make a guess about the empty calories from the name and so empty calories are that foods whose calorie level is empty. Calories have a very bad value in the world of food as they have a poor nutritional profile. On the other hand, foods which have a high fiber level are known as empty calorie.

Many people around the world today are facing the problem of obesity and overweight and they want to lose their weight anyhow. For that kind of people empty calorie or negative calorie is what that help to avoid the collection of calories in an unhealthy way. There are many junk foods which are present and even mostly preferred by people now a day. These foods are high in calories and also result in obesity. Many people preferred these foods as they are tasty and take very less time to cook.

For instance, if you would eat a hamburger, then it will provide you around 130-150 calories, but in the other hand, if you will eat an apple, which is a fibrous empty calorie food, then you will be able to get very less calories. Also, there is another reason that the empty calorie foods are good for health because they keep you full for a longer period of time and thus, you will stay away from food.

If you want to make a balance of calorie in the body, then you have to make control over the intake calories and also remember, those who want to lose weight should do things to burn more calories than you have as if your intake calories are more than burn calories then directly, it is an indication of fat collection in the body. Also, it is necessary for proper function of the body, there is a requirement of calories daily but if those calories are higher than the requirement of body then the things can go wrong. Then many of the problems can raise their head and that includes obesity, which is caller of heart problems like stroke and heart attack.

Also, an obese person is not able to do even his/her day to day tasks. Here is an example, if you have a desert which has 400 calories, but you know that only 150 calories are needed for the digestion of that food so, you can easily count that there is a clear addition of about 250 calories in the body. So, where all these calories will go and the answer is that they will collect in the body as fat.

On the other hand, if you take a food like celery which has empty calories or have just 5 calories and reason behind this is, these foods take about double or even three times calories to digest. Then, what idea you get that here you have a chance to burn those extra calories, which collected around the body and are also responsible for making you obese. Here are some of the examples of high calorie foods and that are grapefruit, tomatoes, turnips, potato chips, onions, bear, fried chicken, mangoes, plums, wine, French fries, candies, pineapple table sugar and some junk foods.

So, empty calories are what, the more you eat, the more calories you burn.

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