Guduchi Herb Health Benefits, Tinospora Cordifolia Uses

Guduchi Herb Health BenefitsLatin Name- Tinospora Cordofolia

English and Common Name– Tinospora Gulancha/ Indian Tinospora

Indian and Sanskrit Name– Guduchi means “which is able to protect the body”, Also Madhuparni means” one who’ s leaves are loaded with honey”, Amrita means “Divine Nectar”, Chhinnaruha, vatsadani an also tantrika/ chakralakshnika/ kundalini all have the same meaning that “climbs a tree going round to it.”

Mythological Values of Guduchi

When there was a war fought between the Lord Rama and between Ravana, Rama has fought with the army of Monkeys. When the Rama’s army was dying, the Indra (Main deity among all lords) provides nectar to the army of Rama. When those monkeys were having nectar, some of the drops of that divine nectar have fallen over the earth and the tree grows there which is now known with a name Guduchi.

Chemical Composition

The active adaptogenic constituents are diterpene compounds that include tinosporone, cordofolisides, tinosporic acids, syringe, corfolisides A to E, the yellow alkaloid, Giloin, barbarian, crude giloininand, A gluco sidal bitter principle also polysaccharides which include arabinogalactan polysaccharide (TSP).

Description- Tinospora Cordiforia is a helpful herb which is used for the treatment of many problems. This is helpful in improving the immune system and also it makes the body resistant to infections. It is also good for treating dyspepsia and various fevers. Also, this herb is an effective immune-stimulant.

Actions– Guduchi is a wonder herb that can increase the protective white blood cells in the body and also it makes you able to make the body’s own defense mechanism which is also called the immune system. Also, it is believed if your immune is strong, then you are safer from all diseases.

Information about Guduchi herb

Herbal Guduchi is a large sized climbing shrub. It plays a significant role in the Ayurvedic category of Rasayana or in rejuvenative tonics. The herb is also helpful to increase the amount the effective and protect white blood cells in the body. This is also able to prepare the defense mechanism of the body. Tinospora Cordifolia can help the body to enhance the functions of the protective cells of the body. Also, it helps the body to make macrophage functions better and improves resistance to infections too. This works as a diuretic and also it is very much helpful in removing the urinary stones and also lessen blood urea. The herb is helpful to inhibit the bacteria growth. Also, it enhances the immune resistance buildup. This is an effective anti-bacterial and also work as a wonderful antianti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-rheumatic as all the properties lies in it.

Tinospora Cordifolia Benefits

Herbal Usage – Guduchi is a detoxicant, immune tonic, cholagogue, alterative, anti-inflammatory, nervine, anthelmintic and also diuretic.

Urinary Issues- Tinospora Cordofolia works as a diuretic and also found to be wonderful against Renal obstruction like calculi and some other urinary problems.

Memory Booster- Also, Guduchi works as a memory booster and it is able to improve the level of intelligence, it is able to promote clarity of mind. It describes as mental rejuvenatorRejuvenator, which is also called Medhya Rasayana.  This property of the herb is also mentioned in Charak Samhita which is one of the oldest and most potent book which has a complete description of Ayurvedic medicines.

Liver Protector– Tinospora Cordofolia is an excellent liver protector. If you have any of the problems like liver damage, viral hepatitis or even poisoning happens due to alcohol, recreational or chemical and even medicinal drugs. It also plays a useful role in repair of regenerative liver tissues and also fibrosis. It can also be applied in the conditions of pitta in blood and also in aggravated ranjakapitta.

Joints Issues– Tinospora Cordofolia is effective in vatrakta /joint gout, amavata/ arthritis and also the problems of inflammatory joint issues. It acts by clearing the pitta toxins and also the uric acid through the urinary system as it have accumulated in raktavahasrotas. It s also helpful in removing ama toxins from the system and also it destabilize the any of dosha of this kind.

Relieving EYE Disorders– Tinospora Cordofolia is an herb which is very much effective in relieving some eye disorders and the reason behind this is that it is a builder of tissues and also it promotes the mental clarity.

Bowel Problems– Guduchi is very much helpful in healing the bowel if affected by constipation, hemorrhoids or dysentery and also intestinal bleeding. It also plays a useful role in redressing intestinal flora imbalance along with Candida like symptoms (Krimi and grahani) which are malabsorption, bloating and also flatulence. The taste of the herb is bitter it is said that if you want to get something, you have to pay something too. Its healing qualities are excellent so, its bitter taste doesn’t matter. Its quality to heal is used to stimulate raktadhatvagni and also it provide strength digestion in pitta types.

General Debility- The stem of the guduchi herb proves helpful in general debility, urinary problems and also dyspepsia.

Blood Sugar Level- Guduchi is an excellent metabolic. It is helpful to regulate the blood sugar level as it puts direct effects over the Rakta and also over medas dhatu, so, proves beneficial in diabetic treatment and also in hypoglycaemia. It has calming effects and thus, it provides calm to vata and also to the nervous system through its unctuous nature soothing nervous irritation.

Works as Anti-pyretic- Guduchi works as anti-pyretic and so that it acts as a wonderful tonic after having a fever. It proves a soldier with sword for those who have a fever Malaria.

Reproducer- Guduchi is loaded with some wonderful reproductive abilities as it helps to clear heat, which is applied when there is sexual dysfunction taken place by the hyper heat condition. Even this is also used in the formulas that are made for male sexual dysfunction, which is a result of imbalance of pitta because its sweet post- digestive effects are helpful to nourish shukradhatu.

Dosage Information- you can have 1-2 capsules two times a day with the regular meal. You need to have it for several weeks for maximum benefits.

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