Take Extra Care Your Eyes in Summer Season

How to protect your eyes this summerMost of the people wear sunglasses just to look stylish but also it protects the eyes from sunlight. Also, in summers the sunlight becomes unbearable and so gives birth to lots of problems. So, you can’t let your eyes burnt with the sunlight because of your carelessness. Sunlight has harmful UV rays and for the purpose many people used to apply sunscreen over skin to save the skin. Even these UV rays harm the eyes. So, you must have sunglasses with UV treatment. The UV treatment in sunglasses blocks the rays to enter in so that it puts no harm to eyes.

Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Overexposure to Harmful ultraviolet rays can cause retinal damage, cataracts and some other eye problems. During the summer, those sunglasses are ideal which are with a wrap around frame. Also, it keeps the dust and sun rays away. Even going for any water sports, always wear the sunglasses. Some of the activities like chopping wood and cooking around a campfire can cause infection, so wear clear protective sunglasses while doing that. Even flying embers can give way to eye burns, to avoid them wear protective glasses.

Swimmers may also catch some eye infections and they have to wear goggles while swimming. In summers, most of the pools have increased the amount of chlorine in water and also they put some chemicals to keep the water clean. In some cases, these chemicals may cause irritation. So, before going in the water, wash your eyes with fresh water. Not only skin, but eyes also dries out in the summer season. For that you can put lubricating drops in your eyes. Also, consult the doctor to give you preservative drops for comfort ability of the eyes.

In summers, due to increase in temperature as well as pollution eye allergies also increase. People who are prone to these infections can have problems like redness in eyes, burning sensation and itching. To save your eyes from that washes the eyes with cold water two times a day. Don’t rub them and stay away from the areas having dust, wear the protective sunglasses and use the eye drops prescribed by a doctor.

Eye Infection during Summer Season

Conjunctivitis– During summer, conjunctivitis becomes very common. Redness in the eyes, discharge, watering eyes and pricking sensation are some of the symptoms of the problem. In that case, immediate treatment is very important as if untreated; it can spread the infection to others and can also worsen the eye condition. Wash the eyes with clean water thoroughly to keep them clean. Don’t share handkerchiefs, towel and other things about the patient due to infection travel. Use antibiotic drops and eye ointment under medical supervision.

STYEs-When the bacterial infection takes place eyelid swells and pain occurs. So, in that case, one must keep the special hygiene. Take antibiotics, hot compress and analgesic tablets under doctor’s supervision.

Dry Eyes- In the months of summers when the temperature becomes very high, dry eye syndrome takes place. Also, rapid tear film evaporation also is the reason of the problem. Wash the eyes frequently with water and use lubricating drops by doctor’s prescription.

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