Strange and Terrifying Sleep Disorders

List Of Rare Sleep DisordersList Of Rare Sleep Disorders

Interrupted Sleep Cycle– When we slept even at that time our mind is active and body at the rest. Some of the studies done over National Sleep Foundation, said that REM behavior disorder makes the line blur that is between sleep and wakefulness and rapid eye movement. Those who are suffering from the condition REM behavior disorders, most of the time talk in their dreams and sometime if the condition become severe they started hitting and even punching.

Sexsomnia or Sleep Sex– As the name suggests those who are suffering from this specific condition perform sex or sexual acts while they are sleeping. A research from Stanford University in 2002 said that they have discovered two types of problems in this health issue one is mild as they just make sexual sounds while sleeping and on the other hand there are some violent cases too. Also, Stanford University also suggested taking antidepressants and even counseling for solving the problem.

Eating while sleeping or Sleep eating– In this specific sleep disorder, Sleeper eats, especially the high calorie food over a very short time and the main thing is that even the sleeper is ignorant of the whole episode. This disorder came under both categories of sleep disorder and also eating disorder. Some studies have said that it can result in complex results if he/she is either diabetic or having any kind of food allergies. People of early 20s are often found with the early signs of the problem. Some of the causes of the problem are separation anxiety, side effects of any mediation and also abuse withdrawal.

Somniloquy or Sleep Talking- This problem is the symptom of sleep terror and also REM behavior disorder. A research done by the National sleep Foundation, said that both children and men are more likely to have the problem as compared to adult women. There is no specific treatment required for the problem, but a thing that you have to do or can give you positive result is maintain the sleeping schedule.

Adult Bedwetting- There are two types of adult bedwetting. The first one is Primary Nocturnal Enuresis and this happens to that who have problem of bedwetting in childhood and he/she never overcomes that problem and the second one is called Adult Onset Secondary Enuresis, this problem happens in adulthood. The reason of this problem can be genetic or a diabetic person can also suffer from the problem and this is proven by the studies done at National Association for Continence. Also, if there is a lot of urine produced while sleeping, or if antidiuretic hormone (it manages the nighttime urine production) produced in sufficiently then the problem took place.

Somnambulism or Sleepwalking- It is a very common sleep disorder and the most common type of this disorder is Parasomnia. Normally sleepwalking is known as the symptom of the health condition sleep apnea or sleep deprivation. It also can be happen if someone has a side effect from a medication. The National Sleep Foundation, said that if you wake the sleep walker then it will not do you any harm and behave normally.

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