Sleep Paralysis Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Sleep ParalysisParalysis is a condition when you are unable to move or speak. What will happen when you realize that you are paralyzed for a few seconds and so can’t move yourself or even speak. This experience is neither uncommon nor paranormal. Actually, the whole incidence is due to sleep paralysis. This condition happens due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Following mentioned things will help you to get more knowledge about the sleep paralysis.

What is Sleep paralysis?

This condition is also known as Old Hag Syndrome. The condition gives the heaviness feeling in the chest when a person is dropping off to sleep and also happens when you are about to wake up. The person feels that he has paralyzed and he is not able to even move. Actually, it happens because at that time our mind has awakened, but our body is still sleeping. You will be surprised to know that about 50% of population is leading towards the sleep paralysis.

A doctor after doing a research says that even every culture has its own supernatural explanation that is connected with it. Actually, it is harm free for the person. He also says, “It is state of motor paralysis and not the mental illness.” Actually the reason behind the whole condition is REM (rapid eye movement). In this particular situation, our body is in a sleeping condition, but the mind is awake and conscious of surroundings. Also, if the person is having a bad dream and he suddenly wakes up, then in that condition he is not able to speak or move due to fear of that dream.

Sleep Paralysis Symptoms

There are some common symptoms that almost every patient of sleep paralysis feels. Each of the symptoms is associated with its own myth.

Suffocation- If you are in the condition of paralyzed then your muscles are also sleeping. Only the mind is conscious at that time and respiratory muscles are also sleeping and so lead you to breathlessness. The patient then also gets strangulated and that is the reason he feels having a tight or heavy chest.

Madness Feeling– In some conditions the victims said that they are going insane. Hallucinations aggravate this sense, but the experts believe that this condition has no relation with mental illness as the whole situation is completely physiological.

Hallucination- As the patient has the feeling of presence of sinister in the room during the whole period. So, it is clear indication that you are hallucinating. The reason is that before waking up you have a nightmare and you are still in that condition.

Causes and Factors of Sleep Paralysis 

This condition is the result of lifestyle issues and following are some of them.

Stress- Today, life is very fast and a person has no time for him. The urge to excel is clearly taking the role in all spheres of life. Many people take the help of alcohol consumption to stay away from the entire problem, but actually this is not taking him away from the problem but inviting so many problems. It doesn’t help to fight with stress, but gives way to it. So, one must have to stay away from the drinking if having the problem of Old Hag or Sleep Paralysis.

Jet Lag– You hops across continents that disturb the bodily cycle and invites so many sleep disorders. So, try to avoid trans- meridian journeys.

Irregular Sleep Patterns– Late night’s sleep and some yo-yo habits directly put effect over your mind. So, maintain a regular sleep. Have a sleep of at least 8 hours to stay away from sleep paralysis.

How to Help Yourself?

Before going to sleep take a warm bath. It helps to keep the body comfortable and warm. Regular exercise and breathing is a nice way to keep a distance from sleep problems. When you are facing the problem of sleep paralysis, you have to try to move a finger because it helps to break out that episode. Try to sleep comfortably.

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