Shankhpushpi health benefits|ShankhpushpiBotanical Name: Convolvulus pluricaulis

English Name: Shankhpushpi

Kingdome- Plantae Division-Magnoliophyta

Common Indian Name: Shankhpushpi

Shankhpushpi is an indigenous plant which is used in ayurveda and preparation of ayurvedic medicines. It is the mainly used as a rasayana that is advocated for its usage in the mental stimulator and also provide rejuvenation to it. Some of the researchers have done over it and they conclude that Shankhpushpi is also work as an anti-ulcer as it has the augmentation of mucosal defensive factors that are like glycoprotein and also mucin secretion. One more study which was done over the herb said that the herb has the ability to lessen the symptoms of hyperthyroidism as it is helpful in reducing the activity of liver enzyme. Shankhpushpi was known as a wonderful herb even in past time. Traditionally at that time, it was used for many issues like insomnia, fatigue, nervous debility and also for low energy level. Even the herb because of its benefits was the main part of many herbal remedies for the treatment of various health problems. Even in the ayurvedic literature there is a description of the wonderful herb mentioned which is a clear indication of its usage in past time too.

Some of the pharmacological studies done over the herb said that it also has the varying degree of hypertensive and also tranquilizing effects. Even some clinical studies said that the herb has some beneficial effects for those who are suffering from the anxiety neurosis. The herb has the ability to provide you calm and peace. It also encourages good sleep and also provides relief in stress, mental fatigue, anxiety disorders. Also, the herb produces the action by modulation of neuro-chemistry of the brain. It is a non-toxic herb and so is saving from all kinds of side effects. Also, it has ability to make improvements in weight gain and also in health too. Some of the classics of

Ayurveda named Sushrita, Astang Sangrah, Charak and Astang Harida have the reference of the herb where it was used for the treatment of various problems. Here it is also said that herb has the ability to lessen the effects of aging, it can develop intelligence and can make the body more resistant against the diseases. Even the World Health Organization has lays down and said,“ Health means when you become able to get complete mental, physical and social fitness. It doesn’t mean you are just away from diseases” and the herb is what that can provide you three mental, physical and social fitness.

Cultivation- It is a twining perennial herb and it can be found in plain areas of Bihar and Northern Indian. It was also found in some of the parts of Burma. The whole plant is considered the important medha rasayana in Ayurveda. It has the ability to improve the balance and also vitiation in Kapha- Vata- Pitta doshas. It is a bitter herb and also used as an astringent. There are flavonoids, coumarins, glycosides and also alkaloids present in the herb.

Health Benefits-Those who have the fever, or suffering from nervous debility can have the decoction made up of cumin and milk with the whole herb as it can prove helpful. Also, in some cases like loss of memory, scrofula and syphilis the same decoction helps in better way. Many of the persons who believe at the herbal treatment used the Shankhpushpi as a brain tonic. Also, the herb is also known as a sovereign remedy which was used for the treatment of bowel problems like dysentery. It is also helpful in improving the memory. Also, the herb is used as a tranquilizer and psycho stimulant.

For those who are suffering from the mental tension can also took help of it as it is helpful in overcome the situation. Also, the herb has ethanolic extract which make it helpful to lessen the total serum cholesterol, phospholipids, triglycerides and nonesterfied fatty-acid too. The main use of the herb is as a brain tonic. In past and even now, the herb is considered the natural medicine for brain enhancement.  Those who are regular consumer of the herb face very less problem of memory loss. For treating some of the syndromes and also disorders the herb is also used, some of which are hypertension, hypotension, stresses and anxiety neurosis. The herb is a perfect rejuvenator so that used in rejuvenation therapy.

Also, it works as a psycho-stimulant and tranquilizer too. Some of the surveys done over Shankhpushpi said that it is an herb which is used as a remedy for hypothyroidism. Some of the Shankhpushpi extracts used to lessen the cholesterol level in blood. It also reduces the phospholipids, fatty acids and triglycerides. It is a natural herb which is used for beauty treatments too. It has the ability to enhance beauty and also it can nourish the layers of the skin too. Shankhpushpi has the ability to remove the certain types of fatty acids which are considered harmful for body.

The herbal plant is beneficial in fighting against the ulcers which are formed in the body and the reason is glycoprotein and also mucous secretions. It has the ability to improve nerve tissues and also the quality of bone marrow. Herb is a calm provider and you will fell peace and calm with it. It is a good treatment of insomnia and so that you can have a sound sleep. It keeps the mind away from the tensions, anxiety and mental fatigue. It provided relax to anxiety problems. It also relief the neuroticism which is occurred due to different stress levels. It is a natural appetizer, which helps to keep you full for longer time. If you stay away from food then it helped to lose weight quickly. Also it is a digestive tonic which helps the food to digest properly. Shankhpushpi has an invigorating effect over the health.

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