Sex – Health Benefits and Facts

imagesLove is the most important part of anyone’s life. It is also true that almost everyone feels the warmth of love in his/her life at least once. Following are the few things which are unknown by many persons.


• Obesity is also considered a big issue now a day. Also, many people are diagnosed with this problem too but you will amazed to know that if you have sex for 30 minutes then you are able to burn 85 calories or even more. Even a sexologist said that sex is a great mode of exercise. It works greatly for both physically and also psychologically.

• Those women who are suffering from health issue “hysteria” treated by the doctors by stimulating to orgasm. It is a kind of medical massage. Also, since 1930, the treatment is used in favor of psychotherapy.

• Some researchers say that women can be intrinsically bisexual and can also be high in libido and most interesting fact is that it can desire for both the sexes. Some other studies conclude that women can be physically aroused by just watching the erotic films and it can be of either men or women.

• A study concludes that sex is helpful in lowering down the blood pressure. It also reducer of stress. People who had intercourse perform better to stress as compared to those who engaged in different sexual behaviors or abstained.

• Also, those who perform sex have better immune system. If you have sex once or even two time s in a week then it is linked with the higher levels of antibody which is called immunoglobulin A or lgA. This protects the person from cold and some other infections.


• Sex plays very important part in our life. This is amazing but true that about 1% of adults have zero interest for sex and also it is true that they are very less attracted to anyone at all. Also, a survey concludes that about 3-6% of population have any find of sex addiction.

• If you are practicing sex, then both man and woman take same time to reach the peak and the estimate of the time is just 10 minutes.

• The sweat of males contains androstadienone, which is helpful in enhancing the mood and also increasing the sexual desire in women but a bad news is also attached with it that it can give way to increase of stress hormones. This chemical is used in making men’s fragrances.

• Love and attraction attached with each other and thus love is called very powerful. Thus, when love activates the romantic feeling comes in areas of brain and also makes it strong.

• Smoking is considered bad, tasteless and unsexy but it can double the man’s risk of complete and moderate erectile dysfunction.

• For the answer of the question “why humans have sex?” the answer “I think I was in love” came at no 9 for women and at 17 for men.

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