Self Healing with Reiki, Reiki Self-Treatment

Reiki Self-TreatmentReiki is a Japanese technique which is meant for reducing stress. It also provides relax and thus gives way to healing. This technique is administered by “laying on hands”. Also, it is based on that life force energy that flows through us which is unseen.

This energy also helps us to be alive. It is said if this life energy is low, then you are more likely to be sick soon and on the other hand, if this energy is high then only you can live a wonderful happy and healthy life.

“Reiki” is made with the two Japanese words-Rei means “God’s wisdom which is highest power” and Ki is “life force energy”. If we join the boat, then it gives us the exact meaning “spiritually guided life force energy”.

This is a treatment which gives you a wonderful glowing radiance feeling and it flows around and through you. It provides treatments regarding emotions, body, mind and also spirit that gives you many beneficial effects and also it provides relaxed, peace, wellbeing and security too.

Even in some cases, patients receive wonderful results. This spiritual healing process is a simple, safe and natural method for self improvement. This method is easy to use so anyone of any age can use this. This treatment is meant for treating any kind of illness and malady as it gives many effective results. You can combine use this with other therapeutic treatments as well as medical treatments. It also saves you from side effects.

It is easy to use as the learning technique is not even so difficult. Also, it is not taught in the usual sense, but it can be transferred to the students during Reiki class. A Reiki master pass the ability during an attunement and also it allows the student to tap into the unlimited supply of life force energy. That energy is used for enhancing the quality of life and for improvement of health. Because the using method of Reiki is very simple so it has been taught to many people of all ages and backgrounds.

Self Healing is one of the wonderful benefits of Reiki. It is also known as self treatment as the person by this can heal himself physically as well as mentally. As regards the mental healing, Reiki is a method that can treat a person who is suffering from any illness even from many years. Also, this method is a spiritual practice. A healthy society starts from the healthy individual so the Reiki is a method that is beginning of a healthy society. It also helps to balance mental and physical state of a person.

People are many times unaware of their energy blocks that get accumulated in their minds from their childhood. These energy blocks further can create some physical and mental problems as well. Reiki can heal all these kinds of problems.

Some of the problems like bowel problems, persistent back pain, depression, anxiety, headache and even emotional traumas can also be treated through self healing Reiki. Another thing is that only ills, but the healthy persons can also use this for self improvements.

There is no specific place and time for the practice of the method. You can use it anytime, anywhere. This intelligent energy flows to the problem and very effectively heals it. Also, you will feel some sensations and pricking during the treatment. So, in short we can say that Reiki is valuable self- healing technique by which you can not only help yours but also can treat others.

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