Remember To Eat Purple Vegetables and Stay Healthy

Eat Your PurplesHealth is a thing for what a person makes him agree about eating anything and some of them seems to jump on bandwagons for all kinds of fad diets and healthy eatables. A few people know that the color of the diet also matters and it suggested the food value too, as benefits associated with the colors in the food. You have discovered most of the physicians and health experts saying eat your greens to have a healthy body, but today we will discuss about eating the purple foods for health.

There is one recommended reason of eating purple and blue vegetables is that they are rich in flavanoids and that make the blood vessels healthier. Also, these are valuable for cardiovascular system so keep us healthy. Also, the risk of heart diseases is also become very less if you are regularly in taking purple foods.

It is also good for mind and if you have a forgetful mind, then it helps the mind to remember things for a long time. Many people face problem of memory loss with any reasons like aging or some injury and in that condition, it helps a lot. It helps to slow down the cancer development in the patients who are first stages of cancer. It has some health promoting phytochemicals that work as antioxidants. Following is a list of purple foods so take a look and “eat your purple” accordingly.

Figs- Fig is edible fruit which is widely grown in the Mediterranean regions. Figs are well known and also used because of their mild laxative actions. It also contains natural sugars, fiber and minerals.

Plums– Plums has about 2,000 varieties found all over the world and a lot of the varieties are edible. The varieties of plum found in European countries are dark blue in color and most of them are grown to dry into prunes. Also, plums have high levels of Serotonin like eggplants.

Beetroot– Beetroot has the ability to lower down the blood cholesterol. This is also rich in calcium, Vitamin C, iron, fiber and Vitamin A. Some delicious recipes can be prepared with beet-root and one of the tastiest ones is a beet-root soup which tastes great if served chilled.

Red Cabbage- This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C and an antioxidant. Also, calcium can also be found in good amount in the vegetable. It is one of the great sources of flavanoids.

Blackberries- Blackberries has dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, fibers, essential mineral manganese and some folic acids.

Cherries- Cherries have anthocyanins and it is a red pigment in berries. This ingredient has ability to lessen the pain. Also, these fruits are good in taste and interesting in looks so one can be easily attracted to the fruit.

Blueberries– Blueberries have a good amount of micro nutrients those notably high levels of essential dietary mineral manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6 and dietary fiber. Also, those who eat blueberries have low cholesterol and also it positively fight against the heart problems.

Grapes– Grapes are a good source of Vitamin C. Its skin and seeds have a lot of health benefits. Also, it is rich in ellagic acid, which is a potent flavanoid which play an important role to fight with cancer. It also has cleansing effect on the body and so it associated with the detoxification.

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