Problems Regarding Nails

Nails Problems not to ignore|Nails AbnormalitiesEvery lady wants to look beautiful and attractive. Also, it is said that the person who have beautiful hands are consider beautiful. Beauty of hand can be made by the beauty of nail. Thus, clearly beautiful nails are necessary to make your appearance attractive.   Nails indicate your general health and thus nail care should not be taken lightly. It protects the delicate tips and toes and most importantly, it is good option for cosmetic purposes. The lady having beautiful nails got the admiration of everyone. Nails are the part of hand and thus, it have to bear the wear and tear of daily work. If you find that your nail is discolored, then it is clear indication of any injury or any kind of health issue and it should be treated as soon as possible.

Proper knowledge can prove helpful to prevent and treat the infection. Some of the common nail problems are mentioned below: Hangnails– A tear in the skin along the side or the base of the nail is known as hangnail. When your cuticle has excessive dryness then the problem occurs. Improper manicure, nail biting, nail picking or chewing of nails can cause hangnails.

Prevention– To avoid the situation, you have to regular oiling or manicure of your hands. Now, massage the nail and the surrounded area with a well moisturized cream. Don’t wash the hands with harsh soaps; also avoid washing the hands frequently too.

Fungal Infections- Onychomycosis is the other name of fungal infections and the most common problem too. Many of the ladies are found to have these kinds of infectious problems. In the absence of sunlight fungi takes place and the toenail are most the susceptible parts to infect by the fungus as they are confined to the warm and moist environment. If you wear the shoes for whole day then you are at the higher risk of having this problem as your nails are unable to get the sunlight. Also, this infection travels by the contact with the infected person. So, you should not reuse the clothes as socks or shoes that are used by infected person.

The fungus occurs in the nail plate and thus gives way to discolored nail. In some of the severe cases, nails can be separated from the nail bed. At the first stage you can get a yellow or white spot under the tip of your finger. In advanced stage nails become thick and appear deformed. Color of the nails also becomes dark in this case.

Prevention– First, you have to cut your nails short. Maintain the hygiene by keeping them dry or clean. You can also use antifungal foot powders. Wear the socks that are helpful in absorbing sweat. If you go to public area or like to take shower, use slippers as it will help you to avoid infection. After touching the infected nail, wash your hands with antibacterial soap to prevent the infection.   So, take these precautions and maintain gap from such kind of nail problems.

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