Benefits of Pepper | Types of PepperNames- Black pepper is known differenly in different languages. In French it is called poivre, in German it is known as Pfeffer, in Italy it is called pepe nero, In Spanish it has name pimienta negra, in Arabia it is called filfil, the Indian names are gol/kala,i, mir(i)ch(i), the Indonesian names are merica hitam, meritja, in Lao it is called phik noi, in Malay it is said lada hitam and in Thai, the name is prik ki tai. Also, white pepper has different names too. In French, it is called poivre blanc, in German, it’s name is Weisser Pfeffer, in Italian the name is pepe bianco and also in Spanish, the name is pimienta blanca. Same thing happens with green pepper as is known with various names. In French it is called poivre vert, in German it is said Gruner Pfeffer, in Italian, pepe verde is its name and in Spanish: pimienta verde.

Pink Pepper also have so many names like in Frenchits name is poivre rose, in German this is known as Blassroter Pfeffer, in Italian it has name pepe rosa and in Spanish it is called pimienta rosa.

History– Pepper is a herb whose trading history is above all the spices. This is also known with the name of “King of Spices”. From about 4000 years, the herb is moving through west from India. For the herb is traded for the purpose of exchange medium like money. Also, as the time passed and people become aware of its values, then a pepper ball is compared with a piece of pearl. In classical times, tributes were paid in pepper. Also, in Attila and also Alaric l the Visigoth also put a damand of pepper as a ransom for substantial part of Rome. In the middle ages when pepper was domination market, it was the core of European spice trade along with Genoa ad also Venice.

Cultivation- The vine can be grown upto 10m but which has 4m height is best for the commercial use. Its leaves are wide and also green in color. The plant bears the dense spikes of white flowers that contains 50 blossoms each. When the berries are unripe they are green in color but it changes it color to red when becomes ripe. For plantation, there is a need of well-drained soil rich in humus. Also, a hot wet tropical climate is best. Also, the plants of pepper can be yield upto 40 years. The plant can be grown  from the cuttings which has partial shade and also they run up the trees to get support from vines. South and East India and also Combodia is the native of the herb. It can also be cultivated in West and East Indies and also in other tropical Asian countries included Malabar Coast.

Description-Vonous plant gave different spices and pepper is one of these species. It is being a fruit which is also known with a name peppercorns. Also, the black pepper is unripe and also in dry form. Also, the corns are spherical and wrinkled. It has 5mm diameter. Black pepper is fiery and pungent. The two other types of pepper named Malabar and Tellicherry are known as the top quality because of their size and maturity too. Only 10% of the largest corns are being graded as Tellicherry. Also, the white Peppers have the same starting processure as the black but there is just one difference that white peppers are allowed to ripen more on the vine. The outer shell of the pepper is removed and then soaked in water untill the shell removed. To remove shells, another method which has done is the peppers are put under the flowing spring water and thus helps to get a cleanse white pepper.

White pepper is less pungent comparatively. Other foam of pepper named green pepper, is also got from the same fruit but that is harvested before they reaches to the maturity. Green pepper is have a fresh flavor with a cleaner. Pink Pepper, this is a vinous pepper and also it comes from the French Island of Reunion. The skin of the pink peppers are brittle and papery pink and also it enclosed with a hard and irregular seed which is very much smaller than the whole fruit.

How to prepare and Store- It would prove best, if you purchase the whole pepper. It is much better option if you make powder yourself in place of getting the grounded powder. Do you know the whole peppers have their whole flavour but they can loss their aroma and heat very quickly when the grinding process over. If you have the peppermill then it can be very easy for you to grind the  hard peppercorns. Craked peppers are like a partially broken peppers, they can be crushed using a mortar and also pestle or even with a rolling pin. If you have the dried green peppercorns then it is helpful for you to reconstitute them for mashing and changing into a fine paste even by soaking in water. You have one more option that you can store the peppercorns in airtight containers and keep them away from sunlight.

Uses– As pepper is known as king of herbs and there is a reason behind this and that is it has multiple benefits. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

Culinary Uses– Pepper is the best grounded directly on to the food. If you add pepper to the hot food, then there is a chance of losing aroma. So, you must put it in the end. To prepare white sauces, white pepper is used as it provide sparkling appearance to the sauce. You can also mash green pepper with garlic or cinnamon to get the spicy butter and also mix cream to get attractive and fresh sauce for fish. The pink peppercorns are used in preparation of variety of dishes. These dishes can be poultary, vegetables or even fishes.  

Medicinal uses- Pepper is known as atomachic, aromatic and also carminative stimulant. It also has antibacterial and diaphoretic properties. It is also helpful in stimulating taste buds that can cause refles stimulation of gastric secretions. It also aids indigestion. For the treatment of gastro – intestinal upsets and flatulence pepper is the best. It is helpful in releiving nausea and also it calms the raised body temprature. Its this specific property make it helpful for the treatment of fevers and chills.

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