Pandu Roga (Anaemia)

Anaemia -Clinical Features & Symptoms| AnaemiaAnaemic disorders are described to be of five types, viz. three due to vaat, pitt and kaph, a fourth one due to combines vitiation and the fifth one due to eating earth. Aetiopathogenesis: The doshas in a person due to excessive physical exercise, constant intake of sour substances, salts, wines, earth cakes and the pungent dietary food items and due to regular day sleeping habits, vitiate the blood and lead to the pallor of the skin. Prodromal Symptoms:

  1. Cracks in the skin
  2. Excessive spitting
  3. General malaise
  4. Persistent inclination for eating earth cakes
  5. Oedema of the orbital region
  6. Yellow discoloration of faeces and of urine
  7. Improper digestion.

Clinical Features:

  1. Vaataj Anaemia:
  2. Dryness and blackish or reddish discoloration of the skin, urine and eyes etc. occur in vaataj type of pandu.
  3. Pricking Sensation
  4. Tremors
  5. Constipation
  6. Flatulance
  7. Giddiness
  8. Pittaj Pandu: A patient suffering from pittaj pandu rog has:
  9. yellow discoloration of urine,
  10. faeces and eyes together with a burning sensation, thirst, fever and diarrhoea.
  11. He also develops a seep yellow tinge of the skin.
  12. Kaphaj Pandu: A person suffering from the kaphaj pandu rog suffers from:
  13. Excessive mucoid salivation
  14. Oedema
  15. Sleepiness
  16. Laziness
  17. Heaviness of the body
  18. Whitish discoloration of the skin, urine, eyes and the face.
  19. Tridoshaj Pandu Roga: A patient suffering from anaemia due to vitiation of all the three doshas has:
  20. Fever
  21. Anorexia
  22. Nausea
  23. Vomiting
  24. Thirst
  25. Fatigue
  26. He is emaciated, has weakness of the sensory and motor organs and should be discarded from the treatment as it is considered to be incurable i.e. asaadhya rog according to ayurveda.
  27. Mritikajanya Pandu Roga:

A person used to eating earth cakes, gets one of his doshas vitiated according to the type of earth he is eating, such as vaat is vitiated by the astringent tasting earth, pitt is vitiated by the alkaline or salty tasting earth and kaph by the sweet tasting earth. This earth, due to its dryness, dries up the rasa dhaatu and other dhaatus and also the ingested meal which, in turn, occupies and blocks the passages i.e. the srotas. This retards the power of the sensory and motor organs and also the bodily lusture, potency and ojas, thereby producing anaemia readily which destroys strength, colour and digestion of the patient. Clinical Features:

  1. Oedema around the orbits of eye, cheeks, the eyebrows and also in the feet, the umbilical region and the penis.
  2. The patient develops the intestinal worms and passes loose stools with blood and mucus.

Prognosis of Anaemia: The chronic types of Incurable anaemia: A pandu roga of long duration cannot be cures due to its chronicity. Also, a severely anaemic person who looks white due to chronic loss of blood cannot survive. An anaemic patient whose teeth, nails and eyes become severely anaemic and who sees everything as pale does not survive.

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