Non Communicable Diseases

Non Communicable Diseases FactsNon communicable diseases as you can make a guess by the name are the diseases which can’t be communicate by air, water and even touching. But these diseases are now a day becoming issue of thinking not even in India hut all over the world. There are a lot of changes came in environment and also demographic changes have taken place and these changes have done badly to the health of people. Also, it is seen that people who live in cities are more prone to diseases as compare to who are in villages as they are not breathing in polluted environment. Some of these diseases are mental issues, cancers and cardiovascular problems. Following mention thing will help you to tackle with the problem as these include the facts for the health issues. Different Facts about Non Communicable Diseases

  • Even Europe is facing the problem of non-communicable disease and the reasons are environmental problem, due to unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy diet plans and very important physical inactivity.
  • Now, World Health Organization (WHO) made a survey and tells us with an estimate that about 35 million people died every year and 60% people among them died of chronic diseases. Many are dying because they have caught with any of the infectious diseases.
  • Also, chronic diseases are known because they lead to the different heart issues like stroke, heart attack. Also, cancer, High blood sugar, obesity and high blood cholesterol can also be taken place because of these problems.
  • You will surprise to hear that the hypertension is a problem that affects every year about 8-30% of whole population and also a big risk for the heart problems.
  • In Caribbean the health problems like heart diseases, cancer, stroke and diabetes are known as the main cause of death.
  • In Caribbean and in Latin America the chronic diseases have become the main cause of premature mortality and also half of whole deaths who are younger than 70 years have been taken place because of the same reason. Also, in all over the world the ratio of death by the chronic disease is 2 out of 3 deaths.
  • Diabetes is a health issue that shows same problem as the hypertension as this also leads to heart attack, and stroke.
  • The countries like Caribbean who have cost as well as human burden are epidemic of chronic diseases. Also, these burdens are also not sustainable and many a time could undermine the development on the small countries.
  • Also, because of the unhealthy lifestyle and attraction towards the junk and high calorie foods, many of the people are becoming obese around the whole world.
  • Consumption of tobacco is a leading risk of avoidable death in the Americans. You will surprise to know that about one million people died every year because of this habit. Also, 30% of whole deaths are because of heart diseases and cancer and the reason behind this is tobacco.

The non communicable disease is cancer and it is hard to believe but true that in 2002 about 459,000 people died because of cancer and if we compare that amount from 1999 it is 30% more.

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