Lose Weight Gain Sexual Capacity

indexObesity has become one of the major problems facing the world. Obesity not only a problem in itself but also it brings so many health issues along with it. It can give way to diabetes; high cholesterol is another one that is the result of the problem. So many methods are here that help you to lose weight. Some of these methods are really worthy but some are not just a cause to health. As some of the weight loss pills are really harmful and even you gain more weight after you quit taking them. You have to go to healthy diet and exercise to lose weight. A surprising thing is that when you lose weight, you not only become able to manage cholesterol and relief from other problems but also it gains your sexual capacity too. Also, sex is what that helps you to lose weight. Following mentioned things are sexual benefits for health as well as sexual capacity.

Lose your weight– Do you know that if you have sex for half an hour then you will be able to lose about 150 calories. It provides you the same benefits as the yoga, weight lifting and dancing done to you. If you have about 4 hours sex in a week then you will be able to reduce 31,200 calories in a year. So, what you get? Have sex and lose weight.

Increases the Blood Circulation– When you perform sex, you must notice that you have increase in heart rate and also breath and both the things are important for regulating the circulation of blood to brain and also organs. Also, it helps the body to gain oxygen and also hormones with dispel toxins out of the body. So that your body’s organs work well which increase your sexual capacity too.

Reduced Stress– Sex helps you to be relaxed and also sleep well. Some surveys said that those who perform sex usually can handle the stress well. It is because the fact that orgasm makes you feel relaxed and if you are relax then you are able to sleep in better way. So, whenever you feel stressful then have sex and work efficiently.

Reduce Cholesterol Level– Sex also benefits of lowering down the cholesterol level. Even exercises gave the same benefits. Sex also promotes the increment of good fats. When cholesterol level comes down, blood regulates in the organs of body well and that increases sexual capacity too.

Provide Relief from Pain-When you do sexual intercourse then it promotes the secretion of Oxytocin that is responsible to consequently releases Endorphin. This is natural chemical which is helpful to lessen the pain like headache, backache etc. Also, it contracts your vaginal muscle while you are doing sex. It also helps to relief stomachache in the time of having period.

Give Long Life and Look Better– Men who have orgasm two times in a week that tend to live longer than those who perform sex in a month. This is the result of DHEA hormone which increases after having sex. As a result it balances the immune system. Also, it heals the loss of memory, provide strength to bones, and make skin healthy as well beautiful. Also, it promotes the health of heart vessels.

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