indexWhat is Leucorrhoea? Leucorrhoea is generally known as whites and is condition when a white liquid discharges from female genitals. This condition is abnormal of the women’s reproductive organs. It should be treated in the earlier stage otherwise the problem can become worse. Some new studies said that secretions from the uterus and upper part of vagina flow down and then reabsorbed in the lower parts of vagina. This is normal constant which flows within female organs. It may be any infection present in the tissues that gives way to the problem. Leucorrhoea is condition which can either stay for few weeks or can stay for even months.

Symptoms- The main and the major symptom is that there is a white discharge from the vagina but it comes with some other symptoms like the patient of Leucorrhoea may feel tired and weak. She may also have pain in the lumbar region and the calves. A dragging sensation takes place in the abdomen. Some other symptoms of Leucorrhoea are constipation, itching and frequent headaches. These are the normal symptoms but if the condition is chronic then patient feels irritated and have dark patches under her eyes.

Causes- Leucorrhoea is not a condition which develops suddenly in an acute form. It denotes the toxic condition of the system generally. It also involves either single or multiple parts of the reproductive organs. When we have wrong dietary habits, body loaded with toxins and the eliminative organs like lungs, skin, kidneys and bowels becomes unable to make the body able to get rid of those toxins. The body then produces a profuse discharge or elimination through the mucous membrane of uterus and vagina and that is Leucorrhoea. In the advance stage of the condition, it leads to discharge with pus, offensive odor and color that can be cream yellow or of light green color.

Leucorrhoea in Young Girls- A few years before starting the menstrual flow, the condition can take place in young girls. The reason may be irritation of the genital organs which is caused by unhygienic, dirt, tight undergarments, masturbation or excessive mental stimulation of sex and intestinal worms. Some excessive secretion is normal when the girl reaches puberty and the reason over activity in sex glands and organs. This disappears in short time.

Treatment and Cure– To remove systemic toxicity, a total health building s scheme is necessary. It is the prime need if you want the removal of Leucorrhoea. The scheme involves correct dietary habits, proper sleep, exercise, sunshine and fresh air. Also, the patient should fast for 3-4 days on lemon water or fruit juices as it can give way to elimination of the morbid matte from the body. Also, wash the bowel area with warm water on daily basis.

Home Remedy for Leucorrhoea Lady’s finger is the wonderful home remedy for Leucorrhoea. To prepare the decoction of this vegetable, boil 100 gm of fresh capsules, cut transversely in the half liter of water for next 20 minutes. Strain it and make it sweetened. Take the doses of two-three ounces of decoction frequently. This remedy is very beneficial for all the irritable conditions of genito- urinary organs including Leucorrhoea.

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