Krimi Rog (Worm Infestations)

Symptoms of Worm Infestations|Classifications of WormsClassification of the worms on different basis:

  1. On the basis of the habitat: They are of two types: a) External worms b) Internal worms
  2. On the basis of their origin, they are classified into three types: a) Kaphaj Krimi b) Raktaj krimi or Vascular worms and c) Pureeshaj Krimi or faecal worms.
  3. According to their morphological nomenclature, they are about twenty varieties.


  1. External Worms: Out of these external worms, the ones which originate from the external body impurities are like a sesame seed in size, shape and color and they reside in the hair of the head or any other hairy parts of the body. Their two varieties are named as lice and nits, which have multiple feet and are minute in size respectively.

They produce symptoms like uticaria, furunculosis, itching and lymphadenitis.

  1. Internal worms or Abhyantar Krimi: Taking food before the previous meal has been fully digested, consuming sweet and excessively sour diet regularly, consuming confectionery items in excess, lack of physical exercise, day sleeping and eating virudhh ahaar i.e. Incompatible food preparations cause internal worm infestations.

Factors producing specific internal worms:

  1. The worms originating from faeces are produced due to consumption of maas i.e. flesh, flour, sour and salty substances and vegetables in excess.
  2. Those which arise from kapha due to excessive intake of meat, fish, milk, yoghurt and vinegar, while
  3. Those which are produced from the blood due to consuming incompatible food items (virudhh ahaar) and eating before the previous meals have been completely digested.

General Clinical features of internal worm infestations:

  1. Fever
  2. Discoloured complexion
  3. Colic
  4. Cardiac diseases
  5. Malaise
  6. Giddiness
  7. Aversion to food
  8. Diarrhoea


  1. Kaphaj Worms: The worms which originate from kapha develop in the stomach and having grown up move about all over. Some resemble an interwined rope and others are like an earthworm. Some of them have shape like a mature grain sprout. They may be small, big or very minute in size. They are white or copper coloured. They give rise to nausea, excessive salivation, indigestion, anorexia, fainting, vomiting, fever, constipation, emaciation, sneezing and nasal catarrh.
  2. Raktaj Krimi or Vascular Worms: These are the minute worms originating from blood and residing within the blood carrying vessels. They are feetless, round and copper coloured. Some of them cannot be seen by naked eye due to their very minute sizes. All the varieties of raktaj krimi cause skin diseases like leprosy.
  3. Pureeshaj Krimi or faecal worms: The faecal worms originate in the intestine and after getting matured, they have the tendency to travel downwards. When they increase in number, they begin to go towards the stomach and then the patient’s eructations and breath emit a faecal smell.

They may be thick, round, thin or big in size and blue, yellow, white or black in color. When they travel in an abnormal direction, they give rise to loose motions, colic, constipation, emaciation, roughness, pallor, poor appetite and pruritis ani i.e. Itching in the anal region.

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