Jaiphal (Nutmeg)

Health Benefits of Nutmeg | Precautions Botanical Name– Myristica Fragrans Indian Name- Jaiphal Family- Myristicaceae Commercial Part- Seed Nutmeg tree usually has height of 9-12 meters but in some rare cases the height reaches to 20 meters and even more. Actually, Nutmeg is dried kernel of the seeds that can be get from the evergreen tree with strong aroma and also have a slightly bitter in taste. It plays an important role in many pharmaceutical preparations. It also has saponin and essential oil. Seeds that are dry and also ripe have that volatile oil and also a fixed oil. Also, the dry leaves of the tree have an essential oil that consists of myristicin.

History- Myristica Fragrans is popularly known with the name of Jaiphal in India.  The plant grows in tropical areas and the Tamil Nadu which is a state of India is perfect for it. It was used to prepare some recipes. Even in Ayurveda, the herb has great significance. Nutmeg is a hallucinogenic, aromatic, carminative and stimulant and so plays excellent role in treating problems regarding digestive disorders, de-hydration and also skin disorders. Nutmeg acts as a counter irritant and also helpful in stimulating blood flow to the area where it is applied. It is helpful in improving appetite and aids digestion and the reason is it prevents gas and also fermentation in the intestinal tract. It also works fantastically for patients having nausea and vomiting. This is also known as folk medicine for the treatment of rheumatism.

Description- Nutmeg is a dried seed kernel of the fruit. The trees are generally unisexual and they also bear both male and female flowers. The nutmeg tree is indigenous to Moluccas. The areas where the nutmeg is grown at large scale are Indonesia and also Granada. In Sri Lanka, China, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Zanzibar and Solomon Island, the plant grows at the small scale. For plantation of nutmeg there is a requirement of warm humid climate from the sea level up to 600 m MSL. It has the ability to grow over the variety of soils as it can even grow over sandy soil and also over clayey soil too. Red laterite having good drainage ability is also good for plantation of the herb. Areas where is well distributes annual rainfall of about 250 cm rainfall is ideal for the crop. Nutmeg is a hard gooseberry shaped and sized nut. Also, it is sold in both foams in powder or as whole too. It should be used sparingly and the reason is that it has a strong flavor. You must have it in grated form.

Benefits for Health- Nutmeg is considered very important as it contains several medicinal properties.

  • If the powder of the nutmeg mixed with juice of fresh amla then it gives an excellent remedy for insomnia, depression and irritability.
  • If the child is crying at night and also there is no apparent reason then the nutmeg paste mixed with honey can be given to the child to induce sleep. Even it is helpful in curing severe conditions and also complications of infants.
  • There are a lot of skin diseases which can be treated with the help of nutmeg. Some of these kinds of diseases are eczema and ringworm. You can take the herb. Now, rub the herb on the stone slab. Now, you can use this for the cleaning of mouth by applying daily.
  • Take 5-15 gm of nutmeg powder. Mix apple juice or a banana in it. Mix well to get a fine paste. Now, you can have this special paste in case of having diarrhea which is resultant of indigestion of food. This is one of the simplest and effective remedy for this case.
  • If you are having indigestion, then you can take 5-15 gm of nutmeg powder along with fresh amla juice three times a day. This will help you to overcome the condition of hiccups, indigestion and also morning sickness.
  • If you have dehydration as a result of diarrhea and vomiting, then the herb can provide you the excellent remedy. In case of cholera, this works efficiently. For the treatment, you can prepare an infusion with half a nutmeg and put it in half liter of water. Now, have this with coconut water and your dose should be 15gm at a time. It will definitely prove and effective treatment.
  • Take nutmeg and mix it with half-boiled egg and also with honey. This mixture is an excellent sex tonic. It also prolongs the duration of the sexual action if you have the decoction even an hour before doing intercourse.
  • If you are suffering from the problem of running nose then take nutmeg and cow milk. Mix the both to get a fine paste. Now, take 75mg of the paste and apply it over the forehead and also over nose to get quick and effective result and relief too.
  • Take a nutmeg and make its powder. Now, fry the resultant powder in sesame oil until the particles become brown. Those who are suffering from rheumatic pain, sciatica and also neuralgia can get benefit by the external application of this. Remember one this, make sure the oil is cool and strained before application.
  • Jaiphal is an excellent liver tonic and it has the ability to flush out the toxins from the liver too. The oil of nutmeg has the ability to resolve kidney problems. It also helps to dissolve kidney stones and also it relieve the infections of the kidney.
  • Heart problems can also be alleviated by the nutmeg. It also helps in increasing the blood circulation.

Precautions– There is no doubt that nutmeg is very beneficial but you have taken small doses of the Jaiphal. If you have the appreciable doses then it can excites the motor cortex and also produces the epileptic and also lesions in liver. The small quantity of it even a teaspoon of powder can result in nausea, burning in stomach, restlessness, vomiting and also giddiness with hallucinations.

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