Holy Basil Health Benefits and Medicinal Use

Holy Basil Health BenefitsHoly Basil  which is also known by the name of Tulsi has some sacred and religious place in Indian heart’s but in Ayurveda, it has been used from the years. Some of the given names to Holy Basil are “Queen of Herbs”, “incomparable Piece” and “The Elixir of Life.” The Hindi name of the sacred plant of Indian subcontinent is “Tulsi” and in Latin the Ayurvedic medicine is known as Ocimum Sanctum which means “sacred fragrant lipped basil”. Also, in Sanskrit it is known by the name “Tulasi’.

The botanical family of this herb is Lamiaceae (mint). Now a days the herb is being talked about as one of new adaptogens, but you will be surprised to know that from thousands of years, this herb is used by people because of its multiple benefits. Indian people, used to grow the plant in their homes and worship it as it is a religious plant for them. Even temples have also plants of Basil for routine worship. Do you know that Tulsi meliorates the spiritual practice meditation and also likes as spiritually endowed and so that make you powerful to transform the soul. Many Ayurvedic practitioners used this wonder herb for the treatment of different health issues. Also, it shows positive and rapid results.

One of its benefits include that this herb helps to increase the health as well as vitality and also an anti-aging herb. You can even use the leave directly and chew them to get the juice. Another thing is that you can also use the dried leaves of it which are easily available in the market. Holy Basil is also used in preparation of healthy tea. Those who take this wonder herb regularly find themselves physically fit and also becomes able to fight with different stresses of life.

Benefits of the Holy Basil

Those who are not fit internally, can strengthen the body’s biological disposition to health issues. Also, it supports psyco-spiritual well being as well as meditation. This sacred herb is loaded with thousands of benefits and also good for the treatment of some common ailments, but some of the important ones are mentioned below:

Power of Healing- Tulsi has tons of medical properties. The green leaves of the plants are good for sharpening memory as it works as nerve tonic. It is helpful to remove the catarrhal matter and also it clears the phlegm from the bronchial tube. Its leaves induce the copious perspiration and also empowers the stomach. Seeds of Tulsi are very sticky.

Common Problems like Cold and Fever– To treat some kind of specific fever, Holy Basil leaves plays wonderful role. In rainy season Dengue fever and Malaria fever spread widely and if either you or any member of your family is caught by this then you needn’t to worry. Just do a thing, collect some tender leaves of holy basil and now boil them in water. It will definitely work wonderfully. It not only treats the problems, but also work as prevention of diseases. Those who are having acute fevers can take a decoction. To prepare decoction, take ½ liter of water and now add sugar and cardamom powder in it. Keep it over flame to bring it to boil. Also add sugar and milk to it. You can have this when becomes normal in temperature. Also,those who don’t want to do all that can just extract the juice of fresh leaves of tulsi and mix it to water. You can have the water after every 2-3 hours.

Coughs- Have you ever read the ingredient list of your cough syrup. No, then read it now. As because of the ayuvedic properties of tulsi, it is being used in making cough syrups and also expectorants. It also helps to assemble mucus in bronchitis as well as asthma. Those having cold, flu and suffering from a cough can just take some fresh leaves of Tulsi. Now, wash them and chew them properly.

Aching Throat– Many of the people when suffered from sore throat finds difficulty in chewing and even in speaking. Then, no need to worry as you can take some leaves of basil and boil it in water. When the water becomes cool, drink that water to get relief fast. Also, you can chew the leaves.

Kidney Stones- Holy basil leaves puts positive effects over kidney and is used to make it strong. Those who have renal stone can extract juice from basil leave and have it with honey. If you have it for 6 months on a regular basis, then definitely your stone will go out the body through the urinary tract.

Heart Ailments- Those who are suffering from cardiac problem will pleased to hear that it is a miracle herb will help them to overcome the weakness which is result of cardiac issues. Also, it is helpful to lower down blood cholesterol level.

Respiratory Disorders– The Ayurvedic herb is used to treat respiratory disorders. Take ginger, honey and basil leaves and prepare a decoction with it. This will work as the wonderful home remedy for asthma, cough, cold, influenza and bronchitis. Another decoction made up of cloves, common salt and green basil leaves. Take make it boil the all in ½ liter of water until the ½ of whole left. It is wonderful to provide you instant relief from influenza.

Common Children’s Problems– Diarrhea, cold, cough, fever and vomits are some of the common pediatric problem which can be easily treated by juice extracted from the green leaves of holy basil. Those who have pustules of chicken pox can apply basil leaves with saffron to hasten them.

Mouth Problems- Mouth ulcers are very painful condition. Those who have some kind of infections or either mouth ulcers can chew some fresh leaves of holy basil.

Bites of Insects- If you have any of insect bite or sting, then this basil, which is a prophylactic or preventive herb can help to cure the problem. Take a spoonful of basil juice and have it over short intervals. It will prove beneficial. Also, you can grind the fresh leaves of basil and apply the resultant paste over the part having insect bite. You can also apply the paste of fresh roots of the plant.

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