Health Benefits of Henna | Henna UsesCommon Name: Henna Latin Name: Lawsonia inermis Habitat: Egypt, India, Kurdistan, Levant, Persia and Syria.  Family: N.O. Lythraceae Parts Used: Flowers, powdered leaves and fruit. Henna is known because of its multiple benefits, but it is best known because it is a natural dye for hair. Even some researchers said that henna not only helps to dye hair, but it also has conditioning properties. So, it’s helpful to make you dry and damaged hair look shinier and make them look vibrant. Henna, also permeates the hair to shaft to strength and also it enriches the hair too.

It also provides natural and distinctive radiance to hair as compare to any of the chemical based hair dyes or colors. It can be even applied to those who have fungal infections. The leaves of the henna have compound lesson, this works very effective against the bacterial and fungal infections. Description- The flowers of the henna are yellow, heavy and small in size. They also contain sweet smell. The flowers are borne on the dwarf shrub having height 8-10 feet. Distilled water is prepared by them and this resultant water is further used as a cosmetic.

History- The powder of the dry leaves was used in the ancient time in the eastern countries. People at that time use them for coloring the hair. Also, it was used to dye the nail reddish yellow. Since1890, the plant was used in Europe for tinting the hair. At that time they usually use the herb as a shampoo. It was also used to get many shades and for the purpose it was mixed with many plant leaves. For dying the area of the skin and also hair, they mix the powder of the leaves with catechu and after that mix hot water in it to get a fine paste. After that they spread it over the part they want to get dyed and leave it overnight.

ConstituentsA brown colored substance is found in it and it is a substance of an esinoid fracture. This has the chemical properties that characterize the tannins. The name of the compound is Hennotannic acid. Health

Benefits- You can take benefits from henna in case you are having leprosy, jaundice, smallpox and affections of the skin. Also, the fruit of the plant has emmengogue properties. It works as an indispensable cosmetic item and so, it is very much popular among women. In Egypt, people used to apply the oil and even they prepare an ointment with flowers of henna as this is very effective in making the limbs supple.

Fungal InfectionsYou can also prepare a decoction with henna by taking a cup of water. Add 5-10 teaspoons of henna powder in it and put it over flame and simmer the flame and leave it as it is for 20 minutes.  Now, leave it for cool down. This liquid can be applied to the area having fungal infections. The process can be done 1-3 times a day as per convenience. You can apply this paste even with  a cotton ball or a clean smooth cotton cloth.

Aromatic Essence- Henna has ability and so is the reason aromatic essence can be prepared with the henna and after that it can be applied over the nails and palms to get color. Also, the henna flowers have narcotic properties and are stimulant and that is why they act as a wonderful tonic for the heart and also nerves.

Coolant– There are some medicinal properties associated with henna. Henna leaves have a better cooling ability, diuretic and also have tonic value. In case of purifying of blood, these are also used. It is also used for reducing swelling.

Eczema- Those who are having chronic eczema, scabies, itching, gout, chronic wounds and abscesses can take the leaves of the plant. Now, after grinding, apply the resultant paste over the affected area. You can get relief in safer and quicker way. Also, if you are having pain and even swelling in joints, then don’t hesitate to use the herb as it will provide you many benefits.

Sore Throat– If you are having sore throat or stomatitis, then you can prepare a decoction with the leaves of the henna. Now, gargle with this water to get relief quickly and safely.

Some Home Remedies

  • The henna has amazing medical properties. For that you have take some fresh leaves of henna. Now, dry them in shade and when they become completely dry, grind them to get a smooth powder. Now, take 2 spoons of this powder, ½ spoons of the senna leaves, ½ spoon of purified sulphur. Mix the all well. Now, the 2-3 dosage of this resultant powder if taken with honey, milk or water will help to remove impurities of blood, pimples, constipation, cure scabies, itching, burning in urine and leucoderma. Also, it is a best remedy for those who are on the initial stage of leprosy.
  • Take some fresh leaves of the plant. Now grind them to get a fine paste. Now, you can apply this paste over the soles of the feet as this will definitely provide you soothing effects and cooling effects too if you are having symptoms of smallpox. The leaves of henna have medical properties to relief the burning sensation in any part of the body because of its coolant and soothing effects.
  • Even the ancient experienced physicians of Maharashtra used this for its uses. They use to give the powder of dry leaves of the plant along with sugar to the patients of It is also helpful to stop semen passing through the urine by making it thick.
  • For the patients of pitta temperament, the plant is very much helpful as it is not stimulant, it is mild.
  • The leaves of henna are used in the preparation known as Tin Oxide, Banga Bhasma. It is helpful in treating spermatorrhoea, urinary disorders. Also, it is free from any of the side effects.

The henna seeds are known as Kamarakasa. They are blessed with nutritive and tonic values. So, are used for several medicinal issues.

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