10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric

Health Benefits of TurmericTurmeric is an Indian spice which is used from the ancient time period just because of its multiple benefits.

About Turmeric-

The Hindi name of the Turmeric is Haldi and the Botanically it is known as “Curcuma Longa L”. Turmeric is a tropical plant of the ginger family. The name of the family whom turmeric belonged is Zingiberaceae. Also, it has underground stem with a segmented rough skin. It is of bitter taste. If you look for the length, then the length is about 1-3 inches and have diameter about 1 inch. It has smaller tubers branching off. The color of the turmeric (haldi) is yellowish brown and the interior is dull orange. The turmeric powder is of bright yellow color.


India produces about whole world’s turmeric crop and also uses 80% of that amount. India is the largest producer of Turmeric in the world. 18% of turmeric produces in Tamilnadu, About 4% produces in West Bengal, Orissa produces 7%, Gujrat and Maharastra gives 2%, Kerela also gives 2% and in Karnataka there is 4% turmeric cultivation. The harvesting season of the turmeric is from December to March and the cutting and marketing period is February to May. Some of the major importers of the turmeric are Japan, Iran, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, United States, Middle Eastern countries, Ethiopia and North African countries.

Varieties of Turmeric-

There are many famous varieties of Turmeric and some of them are local Turmeric, Red streaked, China scented, Alleppey and Thodopuza. Among all of these Alleppey is the more popular with American consumers and market. The color of this type of Turmeric is deep yellow and has a wonderful flavor.

Turmeric Health Benefits-

As the herb has inherent qualities, so it is the best. The herb is used as the yellow curry paste in Thailand. It not only provides an excellent taste of the food, but also it is helpful to purify the blood and also have anti-septic properties. That is the reason the herb is the main ingredient of the most of the remedies of beauty and skin. Turmeric is used in Asia for the treatment of stomach infections and liver ailments. As it has purifying property, thus, the herb is used to heal the wounds and sores. It also helps to aid digestion and fight with infection.

Medicinal uses of Turmeric-

From last many years, people have become aware about the benefits of Turmeric and that is the reason its use is increasing continuously. The flowering plant, is mainly used to provide color to the food and those who wanna prepare curry use this as a main ingredient. It is also helpful to provide relief from many health ailments. This is anti-inflammatory, so is best for medical uses. Curcumin is the main ingredient in the Turmeric, which has many therapeutic values. So, is used to treat medical issues.

1) Liver Problems– To influence the liver, turmeric is the best. In season of Spring, if the foods having turmeric in good amount taken, can provide strength to liver. Also, The herb has same liver protective compounds which are present in artichoke leaves and milk thistle. Also, it is helpful to treat hepatitis, jaundice and cirrhosis of the liver as it is said to shrink engorged hepatic ducts.

2) Digestive Issues– Turmeric is known as carminative and digestive bitter. If you want to improve digestion, then you can add turmeric to the rice and beans. Also, it can lessen the bloating and gas. It is a cholagogue and that is why it stimulates the bile production in the liver and also improves the excretion of bile through gallbladder. This is helpful to make body digest fats faster. Those who are the sufferers of digestive problems and congestion, turmeric is the miracle herb for them. Some people feel tired when they consume meals and for those people turmeric is the best one.

3) Osteoarthritis- If you are having symptoms of osteoarthritis then you can have turmeric to get faster relief from pain and disability.

4) Cancer- Some of the studies done by different researchers conclude that turmeric has the ability to fight with the host of diseases. Another thing they said is that turmeric is helpful to restrain the different cancer types. You will know that turmeric is used for skin cancer treatment and also pre- cancerous skin conditions. Either you use it topically or have it internally, it shows beneficial results in both cases.

5) Menstruation– menstruation is a condition, which provides many pains to the woman. The pain of menstruation cramps can lessen if you will use the turmeric extract or even bitteres two times a day. The process should be followed for two weeks. The reason behind this is that as turmeric is antispasmodic, so helps to smooth the muscles and that is why lessen the menstrual cramps. It is not able to releif completely, but have ability to vanish the severity of the pain.

6) Atherosclerosis– If you have the blockage of arthritis, then there is a more chance of having heart attack and heart stroke but if you are using turmeric then you can easily prevent the problem. The wonder herb is helpful to lower the cholesterol level and also inhibit the oxidation of LDL. That oxidized LDL direct deposits in the walls of blood vessels where it makes the atherosclerotic plaque. It is also preventing platelet, which is built up along the walls of that injured blood vessel. It directly collects around the damaged blood vessel which can further takes a shape of blood clots and block the arteries.

7) Wounds and Bacterial Infections– It is an excellent anti-biotic. So, it is the wonderful way to stay away from the bacterial infections in wounds.

8) Some Other Health Problems- Turmeric is anti-inflammatory to the mucous membranes and that is the reason it is helpful for lungs, stomach, throat and intestines. Colitis, Diarrhea and post giardia can be treated if you are the regular consumer of turmeric. Some skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acnes can be completely cured by the turmeric.

Thus, the “Golden herb –Turmeric” have millions of benefits and also it grants prosperity to health.

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