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Guggul Health BenefitsGuggul is one of the most important and famous herbs in Ayurveda. This herbal supplement is helpful to purify the blood and also helpful to rejuvenate the body. Nowadays the herbs come in use because of Guggul’s lipid regulating and able to module immnue actions. It is helpful to lower the blood cholesterol from 14- 27%. And also able to minimize the triglycerides by 22- 30%. You can also get the same level of cholesterol level, even by using medications, but there is one plus point of taking Guggul is that, there is no side effect of using this and thus it is the safest way to get success.

Botanically Guggul is known as Commiphora Mukul. The herb grows naturally in India and in Arabia. This herb is a gum resin and comes from a tree which belongs to the family of Burseraceae. Also the resin of Guggul contains diterpenoids, steroids, carbohydrates and allopathic esters. All the factors work together and becomes beneficial. It is a small shrub which generally found in deserts. It’s also found in the warm places of the Indian subcontinent. Even in the writings of ancient authors or Charaka and Sushruta, you can get the benefits of Guggul. At that time the herb was the first choice of physicians for the treatment of any of the health problems. You can also get the praise written by many writers in ancient Ayurvedic literature.

Also, the herb is known as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and diuretic at that time too as now. This natural herb is a uterine stimulant and that is the reason it is known as a rejuvenating herb. If the Guggul is one year old, then the value of this herb becomes high as then it acts like a anti-lipid agent.

How to Purify?

To purify the herb, milk or cow’s urine came into use. Also, you can do this in the decoction of triphala to make a therapeutic use of this.


Latin Name– Commiphora Mukul

Local Names- Guggulu, Gum Gugal, Bdellium Gum, Salaitree Gugulipid, Indian Bedellium, guggulipid and Gum Guggulu.

Who can Take the Herbal medicine Guggul?

This herbal medicine is mild and gentle to the human body as compared to others. Almost any person of any age can take this medicine. Age and gender doesn’t matter. Also, Guggul can be taken by people for the purposes like improving circulation, to lose weight or control obesity, to lower down cholesterol level, to get relief from arthritis pain, it is also helpful for treating boils. Skin infections like eczema can also be treated with the wonder herb. This Ayurvedic herb is helpful for relief pain of menstruation. Skin rashes, psoriasis and dermatitis can also be treated by this.

Is Taking of Guggul making You Addictive?

The herbal medicine haven’t any kind of additive components and that is the reason it is very much safe to use it. You can use this for how much time you want and remember there is no fear of becoming addict of the herb if you taking it regularly.

What are the Effects of Guggul over Body?

The Ayurvedic herb is used to make treatments of problems like obesity, rheumatoid, lipid disorders or arthritis. So, this is the multiple beneficial herb and put positive effects over the body.

Health Benefits of Guggul:

  • The main benefit of the Guggul is that it is helpful to lower the cholesterol level as well as triglycerides of the body as it helps to improve or preserve the High Density Lipoprotein ratio.
  • This is also helpful to lower the triglyceride levels.
  • It also provides relief to the muscles which are paining by the menstruation periods.
  • As it is a wonderful heart tonic, so, it helps to strengthen the heart.
  • Guggul is able to raise the metabolism and thus works greatly for the liver. Also, it breaks down the bad cholesterol which is known as LDL cholesterol. If you have used this product for 1-3 months, then you will notice that your total cholesterol level have dropped triglyceride level and also make an augment with HDL which is known as good cholesterol up to 16%. Certain studies and surveys conclude that it helps the body to burn fat and also gives way to weight loss.
  • As it is a blood detoxifier. So, it breaks the stagnation in the body.
  • It is an excellent analgesic agent. So that it is a helpful way to get relief from pain.
  • As the Guggul is anti kapha and anti vata medicine, so that this excellent herb was used for the treatment of arthritis and inflammatory conditions even in past time.
  • You are suffering from any type of joint pains like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, the herb works wonderfully. Also, recent surveys said that the use of the herb is equally beneficial and safer as the intake of ibuprofen and phyenylbutazone.

Important Note: It is known that Guggul is a uterine stimulant, the fact is contradicted during the first trimster of the pregnancy. If you have higher dose of this and also use it in a prolonged way, then you have to do this under the observation of expert physicians as it can do harm.

For How Long the Guggul Shows its Results?

The goggle is an excellent herb and undoubtedly it shows a long time results for different medical issues. There are some herbs which can provide instant relief, but that are not meant for long time relief, but the herb like Guggul shows its effects in 2-3 weeks for proper benefits. Also, the benefits for special problem varies and also it depends over the nature and the gravity of the problem you are facing. This is an excellent analgesic agent and that is the reason it provides relief from the problem.


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