Proven Health Benefits of Garlic and Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits of GarlicGarlic which is called lahsun in Hindi is a small vegetable, but it has a well deserved and big reputation in the world of herbs. The botanical name of the herb is Allium sativum. It belongs to the lily family and also called the cousin to the onion, chives and leek family. The wonder food have ability to make the meal healthy, aromatic and wonderfully tasty.

Description- The herb is arranged in a head, called Bulb and this is made up of a collection of several separate cloves together. The bulb is covered with the paper like sheathes and the color of these sheathes are white, pinkish or off-white. The color of the cloves of the garlic is off – white in color and have a firm texture. To crush or cut them is a very easy process. Its taste is wonder as there is no comparison with its taste values. This hits the palate with a hot pungency that is had owed by a very subtle background sweetness.

The shape of the garlic cloves is like teardrops. The average height of the tubes of garlic is 2 inches in width and 2 inches in heightheight, but the elephant calves are larger in size as they are closer to leek and have no regular health benefits which are offered by the regular cloves.

History- The native of the herb is Asia, it is from one of the oldest plants that were cultivated throughout the world and that time is about 5000 years. It is believed that Ancient Egyptians were the first who have grown this plant and so played an important role in their culture. At that time, garlic was also worshipped because of sacred qualities. Even it was believed that garlic is helpful to fight with vampires and also brings good luck. At that time it was given to the slaves for enhancing their strength which is needed to build the pyramids. Romans and Greek also appreciated the strength increasing quality of the garlic and thus, athletes of that regions use to take garlic before the sports event. Even soldier’s also took this before going for a war.

As garlic is loaded with both medicinal and culinary properties, so it becomes able to gain the unprecedented popularity among scientists who are going to make experiments over it. Recent commercial producers of Garlic are India, China, south Korea, USA and Spain. You are able to get the fresh dried or powdered foam on garlic any time a year, but the best time in which you can get the fresh varieties are in California from June to December.

Garlic Facts Remedies and Health Benefits of Garlic

Health Benefits- Garlic is a rich source of manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 and so believe that have health promising effects. Some of the most common and important health benefits of the herb are those mentioned below:

Cardiovascular Benefits– Many studies done over garlic said that if you are a regular consumer of garlic, then it can provide you benefits belongs to cholesterol level, blood pressure, serum triglyceride level and platelet aggregation. Those who consume garlic regularly, helps to stimulate nitric oxide production in the lining of blood vessel walls. That is the reason, garlic is known as a food which is able to save you from atherosclerosis and also from diabetic heart disease. It makes you able to reduce risk of heart attack and heart stroke.

Coronary Artery Calcification- A result of another survey which was published in Preventive Medicine, said that garlic inhibits the coronary artery calcification. Also, it is believed that garlic have ability to lessen the amount of free radicals that present in the blood stream. As garlic is an excellent source of vitamin C that is why the body’s primary antioxidant defender in a water soluble areas like bloodstream, which is helpful to protect LDL cholesterol that can damage the blood vessel walls. It is also helpful in reducing the level of free radicals in the bloodstream, which have an excellent effect in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Heart Diseases– Garlic is also contained with selenium, which not only helps to stay away from heart diseases, but also helps to prevent heavy metal toxicity and also cancer. Also, garlic is a great source of Vitamin B6, which is beneficial to prevent heart issues. An intermediate product of a cellular, biochemical process which is known with a name methylation cycle, homocysteine is able to directly damage the blood vessel walls.

Allergies– Garlic have blessed with antiviral properties and that is the reason it helps the body to fight with allergies. For the purpose, you have to take garlic tablets for 2-3 weeks before beginning of allergy season as it will save you at that time.

Cough- Garlic has antibacterial properties, so it is helpful for the treatment of cough and other throat infections. It is also helpful to lessen the severity of upper respiratory tract infections.

Diabetes- Garlic have the ability to regulate the blood sugar level as it increases the release of insulin in diabetes. It is said that diabetes patients should take 1 medicine of garlic on a daily basis.

High BP- Some of the studies said that those who have diabetes should take garlic on a daily basis for 5 months as it is helpful to lower the blood pressure level. The dosage suggested for patients is 600-900mg daily.

High Cholesterol– If you are taking about 600-900 mg of garlic, then you are at lower risk of having high cholesterol as it is helpful to lower the cholesterol level. Also, it is helpful to lessen the arterial plaque formation from 5-18%. It is natural remedy and also effective too.

Toothaches- As garlic is antibacterial, analgesic and have anesthetizing properties, so, it helps to cure toothaches and other tooth issues. Take some garlic oil and put this directly over the tooth, which is aching if you have no garlic oil, then you can also use crushed garlic and use it in the same manner.

Warts- Garlic have the ability to cure some skin issues too. As you have to take a fresh garlic clove. Now, cut its tip and rub the clove over the affected area directly in some seconds. You can redo the whole process every night regularly until the wart disappears. If there is any kind of irritation, then immediately wash the area with water.