indexFemale frigidity: Causes:

  1. Physiological: Frigidity is present in old age, sometimes in pregnancy and lactation.
  2. Pathological:
  3. Psychogenic: Psyche is the trigger for libido. Fear for pregnancy and childbirth, and that of acquiring veneral diseases from the husband, marital disharmony, improper sexual act, use of contraceptive disliked by the wife, prolonged absence of husband, sterilization operation, prolonged infertility.
  4. Constitutional: The woman can be constitutionally weak sexed.
  5. Endocrinal: Sex desire is affected by ovarian failure, more so by lack of adrenal androgens. Progestogens diminish libido. Thyroid dysfunctions, diabetes mellitus or any gross endocrine disorder can operate.
  6. Physical: ill health, overtiredness, apareunia, dyspareunia are also responsible.

Treatment: The cause has to be treated.

  1. Assurance: The woman is assured that she is quite normal, even she may not get orgasm. In some women, orgasm may not be roused yet there can be pleasurable sexual act.
  2. Coital instruction: Some postural changes may help.
  3. Aphrodisiacs: These are of no value. Small doses of alcohol may help.
  4. Hormones: This is disappointing unless there are hormonal disorders. Small doses of corticosoids may help.

Male Frigidity and Impotence: Male frigidity means lack of libido. Male impotence includes frigidity, failure to obtain penile erection, partial erection and failure to emit semen. Male impotence is quite common. Most impotent men have good spermatogenesis and thus potentially fertile. Causes:

  1. Physiological: Impotency may physiologically develop after 50 yrs but there are individual variations.
  2. Constitutional: Some men are constitutionally weak sexed although they may be physically well built.
  3. Psychological: Anxiety, overexcitement, fear, guilt of pre-marital sex experience and acquiring veneral disease, fear of unwanted pregnancy are important causes of male impotency.
  4. General Diseases: general ill health, debility, psychosis.
  5. Endocrinopathy: Diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, hyperprolactinaemia.
  6. Drugs: Chronic alcoholism, hypotensive agents, narcotics, depressants and transquilizers.
  7. Genetic Causes: Klinefilter syndrome, huge hydrocele etc. are the causes.

Treatment: The cause is elicited and treated. Hormone Therapy: Androgens are used. It does improve the situation perhaps acting at times psychologically. If husband can produce semen by masturbation, artificial insemination of husband’s semen is advocated for pregnancy. Following the pregnancy, the situation may improve.

Premature Ejaculation: This is a common problem in males. Its causes and treatment is same as of impotency. Causes may also include coital difficulties, overexcitement, infrequent coitus, attempts at coitus before the erection becomes strong. Sometimes, transquilizers, wearing of condom and frequent coitus may help if there is over-excitement.

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