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Benefits of Coriander Seeds| Coriander SeedsCoriander seeds are one of those herbs which are available throughout the year. It also helps to provide a fragrant flavor which is citrus peel and sage too. The coriander plant’s fruit has two seeds and after drying it, the part is used as a dried spice. The seeds have yellowish brown color when it is ripe and also has longitudinal ridges. The both foams dry and powder are available in market.

Description- Coriander has a great respect in both the medicinal or spice world as it is considered equally beneficial even as an herb or as a spice. The fresh leaves of the plant are usually known as cilantro and it also has a resemblance to the Italian flat leaf parsley. The reason is that both the herbs belong to the same family name Umbelliferae. The coriander fruit has two seeds. These are those seeds which are used after making them dry. The name of the plant is derived from the Greek word Koris, this means bug. And the name is given to herb because it has buggy offensive smell when it is unripe.

The Latin name of the herb is Coriandrum Sativum. History- Coriander is considered one of the oldest spices known in the world. Also, it was said the usage of the coriander can be traced back to 5000 BC. It is native to Mediterranean and also the regions of Middle East. Even in Asian countries it was used thousand years ago. In ancient Egypt, the herb coriander was cultivated and also given mention in the Old Testament. In Roman and Greek cultures, the herb was used. It was used for preserving meats and also flavor breads. Even the early physician which includes Hippocrates, used coriander for treating some medicinal problems. The main and the most important among them is aromatic stimulant.

There are many countries where coriander is produced commercially and these are Russian Federation, India, Morocco and also Holland. The leaves of coriander plants are featured in culinary traditions o the Latin America, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Storage– The fresh leaves of the plant looks vibrant and has deep green color. They don’t have any kind of yellow or brown spots and are very crisp and firm. In spite of buying coriander powder, you have to buy the seeds and grind them at your own to get the powder. The dried seeds of the coriander are also available in market and anyone can get it easily. The powder should be kept in cool, dark and opaque jar to preserve its freshness. The powder is usable for 4-6 months and you can use the dry seeds for one year.  The seeds of coriander are generally known as non-allergic foods and also they are known for their continence of sufficient amount of oxalates or purines.

Nutritional Benefits– The seeds of coriander have unusual array of phyto-nutrients. Also, they are good source of dietary fiber, magnesium, iron and manganese.

Health Benefits- Coriander seeds have very well reputation in herb world as it is contained with health providing benefits.  This is considered one of the best healing herb. In some areas of Europe, Coriander is known as an anti-diabetic plant. Even in some parts of India, it is used because of its anti-inflammatory properties. In United States of America, after many studies, it is proved that coriander seeds have ability to lower the effects of cholesterol. Some of the important benefits of the herb are mentioned below. You can read and take benefit from them. Blood Sugar Control- Some of the studies, done over coriander seeds said that coriander seeds have blessed with the healing effects. When the seeds are added to the diet of a diabetic patient then, it provides help to stimulate their secretion and lessen the blood sugar. Also, another study was done over rats and that says if they are given to rats, is helpful in reducing the amount of damaged fats in cell membrane.

It also controls the LDL cholesterol and increase level of HDL.  Also, some researchers said that the leaves of the herb have volatile oils which are known as cilantro ad also it is blessed with antimicrobial properties. A Phyto-nutrient –Dense Herb– It is known that coriander has healing abilities and these properties are attributed to its exceptional phyto-nutrient content. The volatile oil of coriander seeds has some phyto- nutrient and some of them include borneol, carvone, limonene, geranoil, camphor, elemol and linalool. Nutrient along with Phyto-Nutrient Dense– Now, you will be aware of the fact that coriander seeds have phyto-nutrients but this herb also emerged from our food ranking system as an important source of many of the traditional nutrition. Also, it based over our food ranking system that coriander is able to qualify the excellent source of dietary fiber and also it is loaded with iron, manganese and magnesium.

Subdue the Salmonella and Spice Up the Life- Coriander is also known with the name Cilantro and it has wonderful antibacterial properties. The antibacterial properties of the herb make it a fighter against Salmonella. It also fights with frequent and also deadly causes of foodbrone illness. This is even proved by a survey done in 2004. In seeds as well as fresh leaves of plant, Dodecenal can be found in good amount. If you are preparing salsa then remember these leaves are one of the main ingredients necessary for making tasty and nutritious salsa. This can be served with tomatoes, green chilies and onions. Even some scientists said that along with dodecenal, it also has eight other antibiotics. The compound dodecenal is helpful to make you stay away from the foodborne illness.

Kidney Problems- Coriander seeds are often recommended to those people who are having issues regarding kidney. They are suggested to take coriander tea, for preparation of the tea, you have to take some coriander seeds. Now, put them in water and bring to boil for some minutes. Now, the resultant decoction can be used as a medicine as this is an excellent medicine for mouth ulcers and also swellings. Those who have this decoction regularly can get relief from high cholesterol problem.  Even those who have diarrhea can soak some of the seeds in water and keep it as it is overnight. You can have this along with buttermilk as a first thing in the morning.

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