Common Diseases in India

imagesEvery country either developed or developing countries are sensitive to some of the diseases and even India is facing the same problem. There are different diseases which are very common in India and the reasons behind this are

climatic conditions. Some of the common ones are mentioned below:

Hepatitis A– This disease is a benign form of a viral named Hepatitis and this is caused by RNA virus. This virus doesn’t persist in blood serum and many a times this virus traveled through foods or drinks which are contaminated.

Polio- Polio is also known with the name Poliomyelitis and it is a paralytic diseases. The disease can be caused through the poliovirus. This virus entered in the body through mouth and thus it cause infection to the intestinal lining. Then further it proceeds to the blood stream and also in the central nervous system. Also, it causes muscular weakness and sometimes paralysis.

Typhoid– This infection can provide you serious ulceration and intestinal inflammation. The infection took place due to Salmonella Typhosa which is ingested with water and also food. Japanese Encephalitis– This is a mosquito borne viral infection. The main cause of the infection is encephalitis in Asia. This infection is not a communicable disease so it doesn’t transfer from one person to another.

Yellow Fever- This disease is an acute systematic illness and it is caused by Flavivirus. Many of the people after infected by the disease caused with high fever. Some other face the problem of bleeding in the skin and some face death of cells. The infection also causes damage to the liver and kidney cells. As the problem results in severe jaundice and in this case the skin turns yellow.

Hepatitis B- This infection directly attacks to the liver. It also causes chronic illness and acute illness.

Diarrhoea– In some of the areas this disease diarrhea also called Diarrhoea. This problem also causes frequent loss and also liquid bowel movements. Even the travelers who came to India are mainly caused by the problem. The main cause of the problem in contaminated water as well as food and also if you have this problem you have to take anti-diarrhea drug. Also, you are suggested to take as much water and liquids as you can. In case of severe problem you must consult doctor.

Rabies– It is a kind of viral infection and it is a disease of wild animals and if that affected animal if bite the person then the problem transfer to the person too. The animals which are mainly caused by the problem are cats and dogs. If the animal bites you, you have to immediately consult to the doctor.

Measles– Measles is also known with the name Rubeola. It is a common disease which occurs due to Genus Morbilivirus. To prevent this disease, medicine should be taken before.

Tetanus Diptheria-The other name of Tetanus is lockjaw. This is a medicinal condition which is characterized by the long skeletal muscle fibers. Also, Diphtheria is an upper respiratory tract problem. This illness characterized by the low fever, sore throat, and also adherent membrane on the tonsils, nasal cavity and also pharynx. The medicines to cure this problem are taken after the gap of every 10 years.

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