Celery Health Benefits, Uses & Side effects

Celery Health BenefitsNames

Botanical Name– Apium Graveolens L

Hindi Names– Shalari, Randhuni and Ajmud.

Family– Apiaceae

Commercial part used- Dried Fruit

Celery is also known with the name Apium Graveolens. The plant belongs to the Apiaceae family. Celery was described by the Carolus Linnaeus when he has written something about celery in his Species Plantarum (Vol-1) in the year 1753. Also, they are closely related to Apium Bermejo from the island of Minorca. Also, the herb is one of the rarest plants that are found in Europe. Also, it is believed that fewer than 100 individuals of the herb left.

Cultivation- Celery root is also used as a vegetable. The plant of the Apium Graveolens grows to the height of 1m. The leaves are pinnate to bipinnate leaves and leaflets are about 3-6cm long and are 2-4 cm broad. The colors of the flowers of the celery are creamy white and the diameter of the flowers is 2-3mm. They are also produced in dense compound umbels. The seeds are broad ovoid into globose and also 1.5-2mm long and wide.

In the areas of Northern America, the celery is produced commercially from the varieties that are called pascal celery. Those celeries which are grown by the gardeners in a range of cultivars are different from the wild species. They have stouter leaf stems. Also, they have two classes, one is red and other is white. White celery is considered the best flavored and are very crispy and tender.

Also, the wild form of the celery is known as small age. It has wedge shaped leaves and furrowed stalk. Also, the plant has an earthy taste and has a distinctive smell too. Usually these stalks are not taken but the leaves are used for the salad preparation. Its stalk contains some acidic qualities ad that is why the plant is considered sweetish, mild, aromatic taste salad plant.

Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

In past years, the herb celery was grown as a vegetable of winter and in early spring. Also, it works as a cleansing tonic too.

Nutrition– Celery works wonder for those who want to lose the extra calories from the body. The herb is fully loaded with low calories, dietary fiber. Also, celery has androstenone. The seeds of the celery are a wonderful sourcesource of calcium and that is the strongest reason those who don’t use animal products can have it as the replacement of animal products.

Uses- Today the world is very much aware about the uses and benefits of the Celery. Now, the whole world knows this herb as a vegetable. Countries, which have good temperature, celery is grown for its seeds. The seeds of the small fruits contain volatile oiloil, which is very useful. This oil is used in perfumes, soaps and other pharmaceutical industries. It also contains an organic compound named apiol. This is the reason celery is used for the purpose of seasoning.

 Celery Salt- Celery salt (use either whole seeds or grounded seeds and mix salt in it) is also used for many purposes. Celery salt can also be made up of an extract collected from the roots of the herb. This celery salt is best used for the purpose of seasoning. It also used in cocktails to enhance the flavor. Celery onions and bell peppers are taken in use for soup and sauce making.

There are pills made up of celery and that are useful for the relief of the pain from Aulus Cornelius Celsus. Also, the seeds of the celery have a compound named 3-N-butyl-phthalate, which is being used to lower down the blood pressure in rats. Also, celery has aphrodisiac properties, and that is why it is used as an androsterone, which is a metabolic product of testosterone but this is nothing just a misunderstanding of androstenone.

The seeds of the celery have a compound, bergapten, which is helpful in increasing the photosensitivity. This is the reason the use of essential oil in bright sunshine is strictly prohibited. For the treatment of Psoriasis, celery is suggested. Dieters used to take this along with umbellifers as it is a source of psoralens for the purpose.

The seeds of the celery are known as a blood purifier and also it can also be taken for arthritis.

Blood pressure- Celery is very much helpful in lowering the blood pressure. You can have this combined with the juices. This is a great treatment for some other problems too.

Acidity- The celery juice contains some minerals which are effectively helpful for balancing the body’s blood pH, which is helpful in neutralizing acidity.

Athletes- Celery juice is a magical post workout tonic as it helps to replace the lost electrolytes and also provide minerals to the body.

Cancer– Celery is blessed with about anti-cancer compounds of eight families. One of them named Acetylenes is known for its helpful benefits of stopping the tumor cell growth. Also, the phenolic acids are helpful in blocking the action of prostaglandins that can encourage the tumor cells growth. Also, coumarins are helpful in preventing you from free radicals of damaged cells.

Cholesterol– The celery juice is proved helpful in lowering the total cholesterol of the body.

Stomach and Colon Cancer- The phytochemical coumarins help to prevent the development and formation of both colon and stomach cancers.

Constipation– celery is helpful in providing you relief from constipation. It is helpful in relaxing the nerves that are overworked by the man made laxatives.

Cooling– When there is hot and dry weather, you can just drink a glass of celery juice for 2-3 times in a day and it can be taken between meals. It also helps to normalize the body temperature.

Side effects- Also, some studies said that celery may constitute the risk of having skin cancer. Also, those ladies who are pregnant should avoid the oil and also the large doses of the celery because the herb can be work as a uterine stimulant. Also, the seeds of the celery which are used for cultivation are not good to eat as sometimes they are treated with fungicides.

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