Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Neem

Benefits and Uses Of NeemIn today’s time, many of the Indian herbs are used as because of their medical properties. Indian herbs are popular in the whole world for their benefit. An Even traditional traditional system of Indian medicine, science use Indian herbs for the prevention as well as treatment of various health issues. Also, Ayurvedic medicaments are made from herbs and also from a mixture of various minerals and herbs.

You will be surprised to know that India is the second largest producers of medical herbs. Also, first place is captured by China. Many of the hills and the plants in India are known for the herbs having rich medical value.

Herbs that are having medical values are called medical herbs. These kind of herbs is used in Ayurveda for the preparation of medicines which are helpful to prevent as well as treat many diseases. Also, an additional benefit is that these herbs have no side effects. Neem is the medicinal herb of that kind which is well known in the world because of their medical benefits.

Information about Neem-

Neem is a tropical tree and generally found in Burma and India. The botanical name of the herb is Azadirachta Indica. The other common names of the herb is Lilac, Neem, Margosa tree, Neem Chal. The parts of the tree which are commonly used are oil, seeds, leaves and stem of the plant.


The areas having sub-humid or sub-arid conditions normally grows this plant. The annual rainfall of the area should be between 400 mm to 1200 mm. Areas having rainfall less than 400 mm can also grow the herb, but there is a condition that is depended over the ground level. To grow the herb well drained deep and sandy soil is best one. The annual mean temperate should be between 21-32 degree Celsius. The herb is able to tolerate the high temperatures, but can’t tolerate a temperature less than 4 degree Celsius.

Values of Neem-

Many ailments like wounds, bruises, burns, sprains, earaches, headaches and so on are diseases which can be cured by the use of the herb. The Medical herb belongs to the mahogany family Meliaceae. Also, in Indian culture, lots of  heeds have been given to the Neem since ancient time. Also, this herb is used to cure some innumerable diseases. You will hardly believe, but this is true that the herb is not known for the medical benefits but also have values of ecological balance.

Uses – In the present era, Neem is used in numerous allopathic and in herbal medicines. Also, an effective thing is that the neem has no side effects. So, anyone of any age can get the benefits of the herb. A huge  range of hygiene products made from the herb is available in the market and you can get it in oil, powder, toothpaste, gel or in soap foam. Even the contraceptive made up of neem are also available in the market.

Some of the Important uses of the herb are mentioned below:

Neem is a name in herb world which needs no introduction. It has magical properties of miraculous medical benefits from last 5000 years. As it is a multipurpose herb that is the reason it is used to treat about every ailment.

  • Neem is an anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti parasitic, antiviral and anti protozoal. So that it helps to protect the body from all kinds of microorganisms that are the main culprits of causing serious illness to the body.
  • The use of neem oil and powder of neem is very beneficial as this is anti microbial herb. So, it renders all kinds of microorganisms in active. So, that it makes the wound heal faster. Also, it saves the body from any kind of infection and septic conditions.
  • In India, many people used to bath with water having neem leaves. Those who used to take bath daily to this water are able to fight against mild infections, which are invited by the body while the daily activities.
  • Those who want to get relief from eczema, acne or ringworms can get the benefits from tropical actions.
  • The herb is as a blessing of God for those who are having any of the skin diseases. Neem is able to fight with any kind of the skin diseases. It can provide you relief from any of the itch, allergy, infection of rashes.
  • Neem water is a wonderful option for those having burn injuries. If you use neem water at the burnt area than it will keep you away from any of the infections and also helps to heal wounds quickly.
  • Hair fall is the major problem faced by people nowadays. Not women even men are also facing this problem and wanted to get relief from the problem. For those, this is a great news that neem oil is helpful to prevent hair fall and also it can stop the early graying of hair and can provide you satisfactory results.
  • Those who have any kind of infection in the hair or suffering from head lice can do one thing. Massage the hair with light hands with neem oil to get rid of the problem. It is helpful to stop the growth of fungus and head lice.
  • People who are suffering from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal pains and lower back pain can rub the affected area with the neem oil as the miraculous properties of the herb can make you able to get rid of the problem quickly.
  • It is helpful to get relief from gastritis.
  • As neem is a deworming agent so it makes you able to fight against the intestinal worms and help to get relief.
  • Neem is an excellent blood purifier and also have some of the properties of such as tickt rasa that makes you help to detoxify any of the toxins that flows in the blood stream and also leads you to illness.
  • As tickt rasa presents in Neem. So, it is helpful to provide relief from constipation, indigestion and bad taste of mouth.
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