Barefoot Running: Benefits, Technique, Guide

Barefoot RunningExercise is must if you want to live a healthy and happy life. Even physicians as well as doctors suggest us to do exercises daily. There are lots of exercises we can do to get benefits, but barefoot running is among them, which is yet not so popular, but we believe this will become popular as it has multiple benefits.

As you can get the idea by the name “barefoot running” that this is a condition when you run barefoot or you can also run with moccasins (simply thin soled flexible shoes). This technique is completely different from the running in which you run with the modern shoes.

For the last decades runners have explored the benefits of barefoot running. Some of the people even said that it is more enjoyable, safe and efficient way to run. Sometimes back there were many people who said that barefoot running is not safe and can cause some causes of health. Barefoot running is a highly contested topic and many researchers have opinions after making researches over it.

Some of the latest studies said that running barefoot is safe. Scientist even studies that how foot hit the ground when they run barefoot or with thin based flexible shoes and then they said the foot doesn’t heel strike when it lands. On the other hand the shoes made for running are designed for heel striking. Those who run barefoot have landed on the balls or on the middle part of your foot and that lessens the potentially harmful impact which a heel striker can have.

A researcher from Harvard University said that people if you land on the front or middle of the foot, barefoot runners have non-impact collision and also it is less than runners who use shoes while running. Many people used to stay away from barefoot running as they have the illusion that it is not safe or it hurts but it is not true. You can even run on the hardest surface and also it doesn’t hurt. The thing which you need is some calluses that avoid the roughing of your foot skin. Even this way is less injurious than running with shoes.

Those who try barefoot running first time they have to consider one thing that they have to start off with an easy one. Barefoot running involves different muscles and also let the body adjust to the new style of running. Those who run this way may get no reverberations through the lower back and spine.

Many of the barefoot runners found that this kind of running is helpful in providing relief from the chronic injuries. Structure of the foot and lower leg is good when it absorbs the shock of landing and also turning the energy fall in the forward motion through the springing action of the natural foot’s arch. If human use pads under the heels to land on heels in place of landing on the ball of foot then it seems good. By this way natural motion of the foot is arched and impeded. Also, lower leg will not able to absorb the shock of landing. Then this shock transferred to the knees and hips through heels.

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