Bael Fruit, Stone Apple Or Aegle marmelos Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Bael Health BenefitsBotanical Name: Aegle Marmelos, Bael

English Names: Stone Apple and Bengak Quince

Indian Name: Bel or Siriphal

Aegle Marmelos is a large tree and the height of the tree is about 8-10 meters. If you talk about the trunk than its trunk is big stout and its branches are very unusual like they are long, aeromatic leaves and are straight outgrowth. Also, these are sweet scented and has the flowers of green- whitish color. If you talk about the fruit than its fruit is smooth and woody. About 5-15 cm diameter’s bael are available in the market. The seeds are numerous and are also densely covered with fibrous hair and have a thick aromatic pulp. You can have it fleshed either fresh or dry.

History– The bael has a sacred place among Hindus. If you talk about its history then you will find that the tree is being traced to the Vedic period. Even Yajurveda have also mentioned the points of its presence.

Mythological Values– Even mythologically, the Aegle Marmelos has great significance and also it abounds even in the vicinity of temples. It is believed that if the fresh leaves of the tree are offered to Lord Shiva then you are able to get the blessings from god. Also, as Shiva is the god of health, then the person who worshipped gods with them are blessed with a healthy body. Also, it is believed of even the Vedas that Lord Shiva stays under the Aegle Marmelos tree and is very pure.

Nutritional Content- An analysis done over the tree says that 100 grams of edible portion of Aegle Marmelos consist of about 61.5% of moisture, 1.7% of minerals, 1.8% protein, fats0.3%, fiber 2.9% and carbohydrates 31.8%. Also, its vitamin and minerals consists of phosphorus, iron, calcium, carotene, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and Vitamin C. The Caloric value is 137.

There are a lot of chemical constituents have been found in different parts of the tree. The Aegle Marmelos tree has alkaloids, comarins and steroids. Also, the leaves of the tree have sterile, aegelin and skimianinc. The main and active constituents of the fruit are memorizing and it looks as imperatorin. Even the bael fruit contains courmarins and that are altoimpeatorin and B sitosterol. Tree roots have loaded with psoralin, scopoletin, xanthotoxin and tembamide.

Health Benefits Of Aegle Marmelos

Benefits of Bael- If you talk about the benefits then the herb is loaded with tons of benefits and some of the important ones are given below:

Healing Ability and Excellent Cure – Bael is what whose name is taken with a great respect in the medical world. Even the ancient medical treatise in Sanskrit “Charaka Samhita” have included the medical benefits of the bael tree. All the parts of the tree included stem, bark, root, leaves and the fruit have tons of medicinal virtues and that is the reason they are used in the medical world for millions of years. When the bael fruit just began to ripen, it is highly medically beneficial. The fruit is cooling, aromatic and laxative properties. It is helpful to control bleeding and also secretion. The half-ripe or unripe fruit of the tree is excellent for digestion purposes. Even this is helpful in the prevention of scurvy. It can also provide strength to the stomach and thus promoted the actions.

Constipation– Aegle Marmelos is perhaps the best laxative and that is the reason, it can clean and tones the intestines. If you are using this for about 2-3 months, then you can get the maximum benefits. For effective results, it can be also be taken as sherbet. To prepare Sherbet, you need pulp of ripe fruit. After breaking the outer shell of the fruit, you can easily get its pulp, remove the seeds from it. You can also mix milk and sugar to make this more palatable. Those who don’t want can also skip the usage of milk and sugar. An adult is suggested to take 70 grams of pulp of the fruit.

Diarrhea and Dysentery– Half- ripe or unripe fruit of Aegle Marmelos tree is a helpful remedy for diarrhea and also dysentery, but the thing is that it is effective only if there is no fever. To get the maximum benefits, you need to take the bael powder or dried bael. Take a green bale. Now, make slices of it and dry it in sun. Now, you can preserve them in air-tight bottles for later usage. You can use the unripe bael after baking it. You can also have that baked bael with brown sugar and jaggery.

Peptic Ulcer- If there is an infusion prepared with the leaves of Aegle Marmelos, then it can be proved the wonderful remedy for peptic ulcer. For that take some leaves of bael and now soak them in water and leave it as it is overnight. Strain the water and have it the next morning. After a few weeks, you will get reliable from the pain and discomfort of the problem. Also, the leaves of bael tree are fully loaded with  tannin which is very much helpful to heal the ulcers. If beverages made up of bael taken, then it provides you healing properties. This is helpful to make stomach mucosa which is helpful to prevent stomach ulcers.

Ear Problems- Bael root’s are used for years as a home remedy for the treatment of different ear problems. Take a stiff piece of the root of bael tree and then dip it in neem oil and lighten. Burn the oil properly. This is a effective remedy to treat ear problems because it have neem which is well known for its antiseptic properties. Also, the roots of bael have astringent properties which is very much helpful to cure infections, discharge and chronic inflammation.

Respiratory Disorders-You can also prepare a medicated oil with the leaves of Aegle Marmelos as it is helpful to provide relief from respiratory affections and also from recurrent colds. For this extract juice from the fresh leaves of Aegle Marmelos and now add same quantity of sesame oil to it. Now, heat it thoroughly. Add a few black pepper along with ½ tablespoon of cumin in the heated oil. After removing it from the flame you can store it for future use. Before taking head bath, you can also massage the head with that oil. A regular user of this is totally safe from colds and coughs.

Important Note: Bael fruit is not preferred to take daily at a stretch as it produces atony of intestine. Also, at a time, don’t take the fruit in excess as it can make a heavy sensation in stomach.

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